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Excruciating pain from shot for dnc

I don’t know if that is the cause, but about 7 years ago, when I had a dnc done basically the anesthesia Dr. when he gave me the shot it felt like nothing I ever felt before the pain had me cussing and jumping off the table and in tears and then I was just so shaken by the painful shock my leg literally flew in the air and they said “oh you’re fine it’ll go away” well now much more fear since I was getting a dnc such was the second baby I lost so was already not obviously happy time, very sad, but I’ve had a baby before and I knew that was not right. i knew he screwed up. no biggy to them, but horrible time as the nurse held my hand she knew he screwed up. i can’t remember if I had constant pain right after, but I do know I started getting a severe pain like someone pulling something out of my lower back. Fast forward to now 7yrs later I am in horrible pain feeling down below, legs constantly in pain and its like that same shocking pain in lower spine. just move wrong and it is painful and scares me sometimes to do things. doesn’t take much to somehow hit a nerve or something and pain goes everywhere, back, knees, neck. mornings are hell for me. i always wonder, think back, did it have something to do with that horrible shot which i had with my daughter and it was not at all like this horrible shot. it just seems even though it slowly progressed that it had to come from that nightmare shot. my sister has passed, but she never would get epidural shots with her kids, because she said she’s not taking a chance of being paralyzed. maybe she was right. r.i.p sister, i love u, miss you. AND YOU WERE RIGHT, I THINK WHEN WE ALL THOUGHT YOU WERE CRAZY, NOT GETTING EPIDURALS 🙂 –I JUST DON’T LIKE THAT I HAD TO GET IT, BUT IF THEY SCREW UP, IT’S JUST TOO BAD FOR US THAT SUFFER IN PAIN LATER. JUST DOESN’T SEEM RIGHT. FIRST TIME TOLD THIS STORY, BUT IT HAS ALWAYS BUGGED ME. THANX.