Ignorance is bliss

I have had 3 children by c-section and then I needed an operation on my bowel so the anaesthetist suggested an epidural for pain relief as well – now 2 1/2 years later I still suffer from pain at that site. It took 3 months to wee again and my doctor has never referred me to anyone to find out why! The epidural was left in for 3 days followed by a pain pump to that same area – when I complained to the hospital I was shrugged off and told it ‘was all in my head’! My past epidurals were not like this – possibly because they were used for shorter time frames – not days! Stress seems to make the pain worse (who isn’t stressed!) The doctor is ignorant and arrogant – ” I never caused that!” (talking about the fact that I could not pee and he also prescribed blood thinners – no surprises that I nearly died under his care! I also came out of the anaethesia (4 days later) and realised I was on a bed with no stuffing (budget cuts) and my tailbone gives me more grief 21/2 years later! I sit on a donut cushion now! New Zealand great health service! Not!

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