19 Year Old Suffering for the Last Seven Years

For the past seven years I have been in and out of hospitals, tests done, specialists seen, and surgeries done to help me with pain. It took me about 5 years to actually be diagnosed with LPHS. I was diagnosed my senior year of High School, along with RTA (Renal Tubular Acidosis), they say this is a primary disease to my LPHS but who knows if they really know what they’re talking about. I was involved in absolutely everything you can imagine in school. I was a two year dance officer, yearbook and newspaper writer, academic UIL team, national honor societies, and even homecoming queen ect. My pain got so bad that I was hospitalized for a week during New Years of 2011. With the grace of God I was able to push through and actually graduate high school in June of 2011. I couldn’t have done this without my amazing pain specialist Dr. Jeffery Charnov in Houston, TX. He made me feel that he knew I wasn’t making up my pain. I took a pain patch to be able to attend school. The pain patch (Fentyal) slowly went into my blood stream and maintained a constant level of pain medication to where I was able to function everyday, although I was still in pain. The pain patch takes the edge off of the pain and still allowed me to drive. Other pain medication I took would drain my energy and I couldn’t function day to day. I then found out I could get a nerve block (Celiac Plexus Block) which is a procedure done under general anesthetic, where my pain specialist injects a local anesthetic mixed with a small dose of steroids. This procedure is an outpatient one, and I can usually function after a couple of days. The pain afterwards is due to swelling in the back and you receive a series of injections to allow the affects to last longer. I usually receive two injections back to back within two weeks of each other. This is the only treatment that has given me significant relief. The longest I went without pain medicine was about two months. Over the past year I have received eight injections and I just had my eighth injection a few days ago. The injections usually lessen my pain from about an 8/10 to a 5/10. I also get kidney stones too which just makes the pain that much more excruciating. I had a Lithotripsy surgery done two months ago to break up a stone I had. I just finished my freshman year of college although it was hard to balance school with my pain, I managed to not give up and not let LPHS Get the best of me.

Keep fighting! Don’t ever give up, we’re too strong.

If anyone would like to chat, I’d LOVE to! You’re not alone and you need someone who can understand where you’re coming from!

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  1. To whom this may concern I’ve been living with tmj pain eye pain migraine in one eye my temples cheek bones jaw pain hurts to eat restrict my diet to soft food that i don’t have to chew much and mostly my neck pain. Been on meds that did help but had to be taken off because of serious side effects. So now back to my neurologist for meds muscle relaxers during the day so i can’t go out (driving is out of the question) i’m a zombie don’t want to do anything because the pain is so bad i wear a neck brace which keeps my neck in place. I also volunteer for Africa and Haiti for the making of dress for the girls and britches for the boys I can do a bit of that but i have to take often breaks so it just sucks sometimes. But I try to have a positive attitude with this I just wish they had a cure for tmj pounding and clinching at night. Sincerely Jane

  2. Hi! I am 22 and I just celebrated my ten year anniversary of being diagnosed with RTA/chronic kidney stones. My story is almost identical to yours. Do you think we could swap emails or something and chat?

    – Morg

  3. I am 15 and I have been in constant pain since I was born. Every time one problem goes away, another comes. Right now I have 3 major medical problems, and all of them the doctors have no idea how to fix them. I have tried an insane amount of medicine even though I am only 15. My stomach feels as if it is being stabbed every night and I end up crying myself to sleep every night. I have always felt so alone, like there’s no one else who could possibly know what I am feeling. I just want to live a normal, teenage life, but that just seems completely impossible. I am the type of person who NEEDS all A’s in school or I will have a huge panic attack. The problem is, I’m out a day a week. I have to learn everything by myself, and yet I still expect myself to do just as well as everyone else, and sometimes better. Its just so hard to live a normal life when you are in constant pain and when no one believes you. I desperately need someone to talk to who actually understands what I am going through. I know you wrote this article a long time ago but if you see this I would absolutely love and would greatly appreciate the chance to talk to someone who has been through pain like I have.

  4. Oh my gosh it has been 10 years and I have never come across this and how similar my symptoms are with everyone elses. I cried reading the stories because it was like seeing an “episode” ive been through, and people never understand. The part where they look at you like a damn junkie for being in real everyday pain that is so unbearable. The past few days my pain has gotten worse as sometimes it subsides a little more for a few months and then once again rears its ugly head with a vengeance. Thank you for even having this up and giving us hope and letting us know we aren’t just stuck in this painful nightmare alone!! Thank thank Thank you for finally showing me I’m not alone and I’m not just thinking to myself “quit being a little bitch”. I’m a female by the way lol

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