My name is Tad Duncan I am 48 years old.

I have had a degenerative neck problem for several years. For all of you out there i stopped counting the number of times i have jammed or bumped my head into things and hurt my neck. Life has been a series of injuries for me. Almost fatal Motor cycle wreck at 15 years old, school sports hard life, hard work. All this has added up to being halfway thru life and being worn out. The mind is willing but the body is worn out. I am going for the first epidural injection C-5,C-6. I will let you know how works. If it hurt well can’t be worse than the way i am living now. My Right arm goes numb, I get shooting pains down my arm to the tip of my pinky. It feels like a cable inside my body is being pulled over my right shoulder and my arm spasms. My neck is in about a 5 on the pain scale every minute of the day. Sometimes goes to 8 or 9 on pain scale. Sleeping is a impossibility sleep in short intervals. I believe also that my body functions have been altered by the pain meds. I hope this works so that i can go back to a semi normal life. I do not wish to be a pain pill zombie for life. I will keep posted with honest reports of progress and health stats before and after.

Tad Duncan

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