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Most Helpful Treatments

For most of my years with Loin Pain Hematuria I kept ending up in the hospital because of uncontrolled pain. I was probably prescribed every narcotic possible … tried many different types both pills and patches. It was not until my regional hospital started a subcutanous IV lidocaine pain program , combined with methadone that I finally found life manageable three years ago. Lidocaine is used to treat many different types of pain. Every person is different. Some can stop using narcotics, others can reduce their amounts. For me it meant that I stopped using short-acting narcotics on a regular basis, instead only an infrequent as need basis. I am on 18mg of methadone. I was on 1080ml of lidocaine. I have been able to raise my 3 children. But ….. chronic pain is always a series of trade offs.

My hair has started to fall out and in the past 18 months I have been exhausted. The exhaustion is deep and debilitating. I have been working with my family doctor, naturopath, pharmacists, nurses at the pain program, ob/gyn, and dermatologist to figure out any answers. But my own research has proved to be very important. I have learned that lidocaine is being researched in cancer studies. It is an EGFR inhibitor. This is the same type of drug used in chemotherapy that causes hair loss. It works on very basic cellular production. Then I found out that methadone is more effective than other narcotics because it works on all 3 pain receptors, rather than just 2 two. But it will cause chronic adrenal fatigue, hence the exhaustion. Working with my naturopath, hopefully I can feel healthier again with supplements, nutrition and reductions in Rx dosages It is very important to use the Internet to research all medication recommended to you.

LPHS Journey

I am 47. My first signs of a problem was at age 19 with high blood pressure. Then at age 27 with blood in my urine thru-out my pregnancy. Next at age 33 at conception of my third pregnancy with a very dangerous bacterial strep infection and pain mostly in my back. Then at age 37 I had to have emergency surgery; my kidneys could not handle it. I got a kidney infection. And then all kinds of pain and blood in my urine. My blood pressure was out of control. A ureter stent was put in, but something went wrong because it caused agonizing pain. It was taken out. I required more surgery that found shards of the stent in my ureter. That relieved some acute pain, but I still had kidney pain and blood in urine. By the time I was dealing with the shards of the stent about 20 months of agonizing pain had occurred – I was ready to die. The only thing that stopped me was my three children. My mind could resolve that my husband would want me at peace, but I could not reconcile how my children could live without me. As I researched suicide methods I found 1 website for LPHS & a friendly voice in Ohio helped me. She connected me to doctors at Ohio State University. I also went to a teaching hospital in the largest city in my province. (Canada) The teaching hospital was a smart idea! This type of hospital loves hard to figure out medical problems. I finally got good care & thorough diagnosis + start of a pain management plan. I also went to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio because it is considered the #1 Urology & Nephrology Centre in the US. It cost $5000, but was worth it. When we add up all lost wages in/out of Cdn hospitals with out diagnosis, this was cheap. Now there is more knowledge about LPHS.