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Not Again!

I have been in chronic pain for 15 years. It began with a hysterectomy I had with severe complications. My bladder was punctured 8xs and I hemorrhaged that same day. It was like I never healed.I had to use a catheter for 3 weeks. The pain in my bladder became worse. I thought I had a constant UTI until I consulted a urologist and she diagnosed me with Interstitial cystitis a painful bladder disease. I never had bladder problems until the injury. I have severe burning pain along with constant pressure and frequency, It has totally affected my life. I then began having muscle pains and joint pain, At first I thought I was coming down with the flu., but for a year? I was in so much pain that I could not get out of bed a lot of the time. My kids were still little so I felt helpless. I became depressed and helpless, I was advised to see a rheumatologist and he did a number of tests and diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. I never heard of that in my life., but it all made sense with the symptoms I have. Then I met a new friend who also suffered with IC and FMS and she told me about pain management, I never even knew there was such thing. I met my first pain doc and I will admit he saved my life. He recommended I go to a therapist to learn to better cope with my pain and he did some procedures along with medications and I had my life back., well until recently, Due to insurance issues., I was dumped by my last doctor with no referral no nothing. I was terrified on what to do. My pain returned with a vengeance. Now I am having severe burning pain in my feet and hands. I haven’t had the adequate medication and could not find anyone to help me. I have a new insurance and recently found a new doctor who I have heard a lot of good things about and am hopeful to get my life back. Whats sad is that this has happened a few time already in the 15 yrs I been ill and something needs to change so that others don’t suffer needlessly. I know I’m not alone in this. If it was not for pain management., I would not have graduated high school even at the age of 36 and would not be working. I am in a minor set back but I am hopeful to get my life back so that I can continue my goals in life. My prayers are with us all who suffers pain every day and maybe one day there will be an answer that will stop our suffering. God Bless you all.