Chronic Pain

I had chronic pain for 24 years, since I was 19, I’m 44 years old now.

I was seen by many doctors and chiropractors for all these long painful years.

I was told I had a “herniated disc” and all I needed was a spinal adjustment, which didn’t help at all.

Finally on January,2016 I went to my family doctor and I was determined to have an MRI, and a referral to a rheumatologist.

The Rheum suggested first an Xtray and showed nothing, and tried to brush me off, I insisted to have a blood test and an MRI.

A month later he called me for the result, i was diagnosed was “Ankolosing Spondylitis”

So my ankylosing spondylitis was misdiagnosed, overlooked and untreated for 24 years by many doctors and chiropractors.

Currently I have an inflammation in my neck,entire back, rips, hips, pelvic,buttocks, and every single joint in my body.

He started me with anti inflammatory medications such as Naproxen 500MG and celecoxib which did absolutely nothing except horrible side effects, then he put me on Simoni injections “TNF inhibitor” once a month, that didn’t help, right now I’m on Humir another TNF inhibitor twice a month.

I been on Humira for 2 months now and no improvement at all, but I’m willing to take his advice and give it at least 3 months to notice any improvement.

Right now im taking my injections plus oxycocet for severe pain, and Venlafaxine for depression and anxiety.

and just hoping and waiting ….

Thank you for taking the time to read my story

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  1. Stay away from Chiropractors. They cannot fix your back and they can make things much worse.
    See a physio instead. They can show you some gentle exercises which might help.
    The Dr. Ho-type electronic gadgets work great – they give your back muscles a chance to relax. I would where mine all the time but I developed an allergy to the adhesive. You can where it as long as you want – not in the shower! Give it a chance.
    Have you been seen by a neurologist or neurosurgeon.
    Do not let an Orthopedic surgeon any near your back.
    Can you swim for exercise? Or Pilates? Pilates is great for pain relief because it focuses on your spine.

    Best wishes, Ruth

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