A Teenager’s Journey Dealing with Chronic Pain

To Those Without Chronic Pain:

If you were to pass me by on the street, or stand in line behind me at the store, or even have a brief conversation with me, chances are, you won’t notice. You won’t notice the struggles that slow me down every second of every day.

Hi, I’m a senior in high school and chronic pain has been a big part of my life for the past two years now. I haven’t written for more than 10 minutes at a time in over a year because every time I do, my palm swells up and a burning sensation takes over. Sure, I’ve attempted to switch writing hands- but it’s only been to discover the same burning sensation welcoming me. Is that it? No, that’s just the beginning. Every day, I fight through some sort of pain. It varies from my knees to my knuckles to my elbows and the pain finds no limits.

It’s been a difficult journey, but I’ve learned to fight through the pain every single day. It isn’t just the pain that slows me down, however. It’s the ignorant comments from people that drag me down. No, the pain is not in my head. No, I do not enjoy wearing different braces every day. No, I’m not exaggerating. And no, I’m not lucky because I’m given some leeway with school work (believe me, it isn’t much).

It isn’t exactly possible for me to describe to you the pain that people who have chronic pain have to deal with. It isn’t exactly possible for me to describe the emotional toll that this pain takes on us. It isn’t possible for you to feel the pain, and I wouldn’t even wish for you to. However, I do wish that you educate yourself more about chronic pain, and work to raise awareness.

To People Who Suffer From Chronic Pain:

Hey, I’m with you. I completely understand what you’re going through. Maybe you barely suffer from chronic pain. Maybe you suffer at a greater extent than I ever have. Either way, I believe in you. And I believe that you have the strength to keep pushing through, and to show up stronger than you have ever before. Chronic pain gets difficult to deal with and I truly understand the way it may have turned your life around and tired you out. But it’s never too late to get back up on your feet. Good luck to you guys and keep fighting like the warriors you all are!

6 thoughts on “A Teenager’s Journey Dealing with Chronic Pain”

  1. Oh my goodness. You have literally just explained exactly what I have felt like my entire life. I am a freshman in high school and since I was born I have been put through some sort of pain every single day. I’ve always felt so alone, like no one else deals with constant pain that never goes away. Every single medical problem I have the doctors have no idea how to fix it. Everyone thinks that I’m just exaggerating my problems to get attention and its infuriating. I just found this website and its made me feel the least alone that I’ve felt my entire life. Sure, I have great friends, but none of them understand what I’m going through. I just want to thank you, and everyone else who has shared their story on this website because all of you have finally given me the hope I’ve always needed. To you personally who wrote this, I’d love to email you sometime if you ever see this comment. It’d be amazing to finally talk to someone who understands what I’m going through.
    Thanks so much for putting your story out there for others to see and I pray that people will start to understand what you, and all of us, are going through

    1. Hi,l know what you are looking at, you are just starting out in life. I injured my self at 15 I am 53 now.
      When I was young I could make my self bite down and take it.At night was a different story, I prayed, I cried, I begged but, nothing. People thought I was crazy but, no one understand. I wondered why God would let me suffer so what had I done that was so bad that I deserve to be punished in this way.
      I am 53 now and it gets worse with age for me. I don’t know what to tell you because people do not understand, and people do not care. Can a lifelong thing, and I have had mental breakdowns when I was about 40 to 46.The only thing that saves me from taking my life it’s finding out what pain management was and finding a doctor Who was sincerely willing to help. I have a certain quality of life now I can do things or a short time and then it’s back to my comfort zone which is my recliner or the bed. But I am happy and glad or the least bit of help that I do get because, I do not want to go back to that dark place. And Kyle if they can fix you in any way surgery anything please try to take advantage of it if you can. I wish you all the best. G.T. OKLA

  2. Stay strong. My daughter is in the same situation but has been fighting for 5 years now. Folks do not understand the strength it takes her just to get out of bed for school, aside from the school work.

    Forget any social life, Thank God for the internet and NetFlix.

    Keep taking it a day at a time and I pray you have supportive parents, as this type of situation impacts everyone.

    1. I do hope your daughter continues to use her strength to fight through every day! Good luck to her. If it would be any help to her to have someone to talk to, I’ll be happy to exchange emails! And thank you so much!

      1. Thanks and I will ask her, but she has no friends but us and is not likely to contact anyone.

        Our immediate challenge is her desire to attend a college several states away, and I just do not think it is practical with the GBS/CIPD disease she has…..

        Know anyone else who has contemplated this decision ?


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