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For most of my years with Loin Pain Hematuria I kept ending up in the hospital because of uncontrolled pain. I was probably prescribed every narcotic possible … tried many different types both pills and patches. It was not until my regional hospital started a subcutanous IV lidocaine pain program , combined with methadone that I finally found life manageable three years ago. Lidocaine is used to treat many different types of pain. Every person is different. Some can stop using narcotics, others can reduce their amounts. For me it meant that I stopped using short-acting narcotics on a regular basis, instead only an infrequent as need basis. I am on 18mg of methadone. I was on 1080ml of lidocaine. I have been able to raise my 3 children. But ….. chronic pain is always a series of trade offs.

My hair has started to fall out and in the past 18 months I have been exhausted. The exhaustion is deep and debilitating. I have been working with my family doctor, naturopath, pharmacists, nurses at the pain program, ob/gyn, and dermatologist to figure out any answers. But my own research has proved to be very important. I have learned that lidocaine is being researched in cancer studies. It is an EGFR inhibitor. This is the same type of drug used in chemotherapy that causes hair loss. It works on very basic cellular production. Then I found out that methadone is more effective than other narcotics because it works on all 3 pain receptors, rather than just 2 two. But it will cause chronic adrenal fatigue, hence the exhaustion. Working with my naturopath, hopefully I can feel healthier again with supplements, nutrition and reductions in Rx dosages It is very important to use the Internet to research all medication recommended to you.

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  1. This is an older article, but I spotted it quickly and can relate. I am 42 and currently recovering from shoulder surgery, after a year long battle with shoulder pain. The shoulder is healing well, but of course pain issues remain. I found a wonderful pain med doc who totally “gets” it. I don’t feel like I have to justify everything, which is wonderful. He put me on methadone, 5 mg three times a day. It’s a low dose but long acting med, which is much better than trying to pop 12 Norco, which may as well be tic tacs. I was taking Percocet for short term pain but developed a rash. He switched me to dilaudid which works well, although I had to increase the dose (with doc approval) after one month for best relief. Of course, I am tired all the time and am trying to time my work (home biz), kids, volunteer work, etc. Around sleep and meds. And it’s not good sleep as most of us know. It is so hard. My hubby hates seeing me in bed when he gets home from work so I try to be up, but it doesn’t always work. Knowing that the shoulder will be better soon is good–I think that is keeping him from flipping out on me! The thing is that I will always have this medication tolerance issue and for whatever comes up in the rest of my life, I will have this battle. Thank goodness I found a good doc.

    This message struck me because my hairdresser (my niece!) noticed my hair has a lot of new growth as if hair has fallen out and is regrowing. I have always had a lot of hair loss in the drain etc so didn’t think much of it. But, I am taking the methadone and also had been using a lidocaine cream extensively on my shoulder for several months. I would bet ya that the absorption might be enough to affect hair loss. I am going to check it out a bit more. Not that it is enough of a problem at this point, but it is interesting to see.

    Good posts on this site. I look forward to reading more. Gotta get some sleep now so I can try to function for a bit in the morning!

  2. I am so sorry to read the stories on this site, it makes me so sad to see people suffering when I feel there should be help available to everyone. We shouldn’t have to suffer in a “civilized society”. My story is unfolding and getting worse each day.In All my life I have had lower back pain and problems with flare ups causing me to not be able to sit and stand from a chair without the feeling of a knife driving into me, my doctor said you have sacral arthritis and handed me Vicodin, have a good day. Several years later I was working as a counselor and a CNA at a psychiatric hospital when I was brutally attacked by a patient. I now have bugling discs at c5-c7 with severe stenosis and excruciating pain. Workman’s comp failed me and the Dr. said I was non surgical at the time, but it’s going downhill fast. I wake up with a locked neck and muscles that feel like brick from my neck yo my tailbone. I have a pain specialist and she prescribed Dilaudid for the pain.. It helped for about 5 months and I started have rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, barely able to get out of bed each day. It can be a side effect of the Dilaudid. I recently called her and begged to be taken off of this medicine, she replaced it with Vicodin, it has relieved the withdrawals symptoms of the Dilaudid but the pain..oh my god in heaven is so bad I want to die. I am unemployed now with no insurance and little money. It costs 200 dollars each visit to see her for refills. My surgeon won’t release me to work AT ALL without a myeleogram (spelling). I have not the means to pay for any of this. I lose feeling in my arms on occasion and drop things. I am fighting for SSDI with a lawyer so get help and that’s like banging your head against the wall. I am selling my jewelery and as many things as I can to stay floating. I am in bed now more than ever tying all the time which makes the pain worse. My 20 year old son has been so helpful but is leaving for college in 2 months..I will be alone. Suicide does cross my mind, but I haven’t the guts to do it. I WANT TO LIVE but not like this People don’t understand why I can’t do much, they don’t see my pain and what I suffer, I have become a loner. Any suggestions are appreciated, I am nearing the end of my rope.

    Bless you all

  3. Angel: So sorry about your story. It is a real tragedy that you did not get workman’s comp and are now fighting for SSDI. I first suffered from Ulnar Neuropathy while working at Avon. Back in 1993 the doctors would put a wrist splint on you and send you back to work. 18 years later I’ve had a failed foot surgery which shrunk my foot and leg and has caused back problems with herniated discs.
    You’ve got to keep fighting for the help! And after 18 years I tell people that I can only deal with so much govt, medical, and legal stuff at one time. I must take breaks from it. The alternative is giving up and that just makes things worse. I am at home, can not stand or walk for more than 15 minutes at a time and get insulted by “some” stupid doctors.
    There are no chronic pain meetings. I saw an ad once; pushed myself to go and there was no one there. Too late in the day and too much pain I suppose. I lost a lot of people I thought were my friends but I am better off not hearing, “We all have pain.” and other crap. A few weeks ago I went to a foodbank type place as they cut my food stamps severely. It was the first time. Some people help. But the love of my life had a failed surgery when I was 22, (I’m now 53) and she said to me repeatedly not to mention my condition to people.Even after all of this time, the comments or misunderstandings are almost as bad as the pain some times. I have to stay home 23 hours a day. but it is the little kind moments from people at the store or whatever and the phone calls to the few true friends in my life…mainly one…that keep me going. Sounds like your son’s great and I’m sorry he’s going to college now. For your doctor to give you Dialaudid is a caring thing. I can’t tell you how many doctors don’t want to prescribe anything. I understand why you cut it back. I’m on an ice pack now and shot. But you can write me if you wish. Sometimes I just watch a lot of Netflix…$8 at home is worth it to keep my mind busy.

  4. I have been on pain killers for almost 9 years now. Reason why I am writing is because I am surprised I have never heard of these meds you are all on?? I have been taking Oxycodone and Oxycocet and Cymbalta for depression. But I have never heard of, and my Pain specialist has never mentioned anything about Norco or Methadone or dilaudid??
    Can anyone tell me how these compare to the meds I am on??


  5. Angel,
    Have you thought of getting an attorney for your Worksman comp case, clearly you have a valid case. My heart goes out to you as I too had to wait over 4 years to get my SSDI and Medicare and was blessed to have a savings, but spent over 60,000 on medical care and medicine, tests, etc. It is so very depressing when you are in so much pain and misery and then you must deal with all the red tape. My first attorney was terrible so I fired him and found a wonderful one who got my case done in a few months. So if you are not happy with your attorney find one that will give you the service you deserve. But I still highly recommend you get a great workerscomp attorney as I think you will have no problems winning both cases. Good luck!

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