Just how much a life can change in such a short time

You know, I really have been blessed with a wonderful life, regardless of the bad times. So I am thankful to The Lord 4 everything.:)

After my neck surgery of spinal diskectomy of my C5-C6 with titanium plates and screws(’06), my once busy fun wonderful life began to take a bad turn. It wasn’t real bad, at first, just my right arm burned in the bi-cep muscle, but even the Neurosurgen said that it was my C5.
I knew something was wrong and couldn’t explain exactly what I was feeling and everything seem to move fast and the pain got much worse and it was interrupting my life. I always loved to work because I was raised that way and it was just natural.

The same year of my surgery, I had nerve blocks after seeing the NS 9 out of 11 months.

I had to do something, to try and ease what now had moved into my whole right shoulder. I couldn’t move my right arm and I couldn’t work, sleep and everything began to be so hard to do, because I had to work, I had a good job.

While having the nerve blocks, they did what was called a “wet tap”. It is not a good thing, because it is where they accidentally hit the nerve fibers or get too close around your spinal cord. I was immediately made numb in my hands and feet and still am to this day.
After that, I slowly began to deteriorate and by ’08, I was in such misery, that I actually thought I was dying. I would actually wreath in my mom and dads back seat on the way to either an ER or some doc(Neurologist).

I am just wanting answers like everyone else who is reading this. I am now staying numb on the entire left side of my face everyday and if I get excited, stressed or anything emotional, it gets ten times worse. I have had my whole left side of my body to get paralyzed to where I couldn’t even move it and like a 40lb. weight was layed on top of my arms and legs and they wouldn’t move.

I am scared and should be, for no one is looking at the big picture, just symptoms. The docs just hit the surface and send you on your way to the next doc, I guess for that is what I had to do and still don’t know the answer to what is keeping me in this bed and in pain from muscle cramps, nausea, tremors/spasms and just a wastebasket full of symptoms.

I pray for us all and hope that we discover the culprit of our agony. THE ANSWER to what we can do to get our lives back or as close to normal, as it once was. God Bless always.:)))<3 Karen

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