Take me now so my pain can go away,
in my sleep! Or out on the street!
My life and its events makes me feel it’s my destiny,
makes me believe in what they call fate!
A definition in which I’ve said fate is nothing less then what you make
so if I’m destined for hell, why am I living it?
If I’m destined for another reality why is it in this one I remain?
Take me now?
and stop letting me endure this pain,
if its a test then Ive passed,
I find myself on the other side amongst the grass which is green-err than my past,
yet my fate will still blow with the wind,
so can I actually escape?
If I’m destined if it’s my fate,
should I wait?
Should I take control?
Make a decision?
With blurred vision?
It may not be right, as I stand weakened and all out of might,
all out of directions,
only ONE path remains

take me now!!!!

i reach my life’s destination,
i see piece,
i feel no grief nor pain,
i used to sit in pure darkness because my days didn’t shine,
i used to sleep into a next reality because i was afraid of mine,
i see light,
yet still Anorexic by mind, body and soul,
a combination which still leaves me without might.

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