My Story with LPHS my Name is Glenna Hall

As a child had massive migraine headaches at age 3 which continued into adulthood until I had my child. Also from age of about 8 had start of problems with cystitis of the urinary bladder and a sometimes a distant ache in the kidney area. Kidney infections began in my early 20’s.

In 1991 had a sudden bleed (urinary) and went to the doctor saying that thought I had a stone. She replied that it was not possible as I would not be standing in front of her. Two days later woke up in trauma and stabbing pain and colic and this started a saga of explorations. Finally they decided to laser the small stone and was only supposed to be day surgery and out. The stone was smashed into a zillion pieces and must have back flushed somewhere as nothing was recovered and oh ya a hole had been blasted through the ureter and having had excessive IVP dyes left me after with full body hives. Was in hospital for about 9 days.

On going back for a check-up we got the “shuffle off to Buffalo” routine. What followed from the hospital was a low grade bladder infection so they thought which eventually went to both kidneys. I spent 2weeks in another hospital. The urine output was the color of rootbeer and was dehydrated. When I got out of hospital I immediately started a large massive daily dose of Natural Vitamin E to quell the Scar tissue in the left ureter and measured my magnesium intake in food in relation to calcium and then supplemented the shortfall. The urologist was pleased and I was given a bill of health or so I thought until it started again and then was in the process of going to Hospital after Hospital to explore the problem. All the doctor’s looked at their feet and not at me. I was getting used to it.

The hives continued until I went to a Homeopath who told me to stay off dietary added salt and helped me to straighten out my PH though still break out in a hive here and there. A few years ago I had severe case of hives than appeared as thought I had been lashed with a whip and they appeared in my throat and had to triple up on anti-histamines to get through the night. Meanwhile the kidney condition got much worse and began having torture chamber like pain episodes that were accompanied by invisible knives stabbing me in the kidneys and massive colic and not able to keep down gravol or the pain med. Then shortly after I started to bleed out clumps of blood and tissue. Finally made to a Nephrologist who by checking every avenue diagnosed me with LPHS which sounded to me after his explanation as a living death sentence of indescribable pain constant and with interloping ramped up episodes. Having a well earned diploma as a Natural Health Consultant though not able to work or put up a shingle; it does help me in using supplements along with other resources that have helped somewhat and even a little in the myriad world of pain that counts for something, huh. The evidence of bleeding is not there now though the pain has ramped up since and even though I monitor my pain and try to build my pain tolerance level it’s so difficult as the nature of the pain keeps changing as though it has it’s own personality. Now I’m getting bladder/pelvic pain along with ureter and front and back kidney pain both sides and lately have had no relief from the pain medications unless I double or triple the medication so most of the time I go without as much as possible, as I cannot take other pain medications due to allergies. Tried the pain clinic gig though that made me worse as cannot tolerate steroids and the pain was like something out of a horror movie.

I do whatever I can to keep mind of my nutrition needs though it can be a struggle. Run the road of being well hydrated when pain is a the simmering level and dehydrated the rest of the time as the pain is on the boil most of the time. Would appreciate any help or encouragement and hope I have helped someone to know that they are not alone.

Thank you and Take Care

glenna or multiplicity hall

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