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Hi , I dont know if this is posted properly but we will see . My name is Erin Walter. Im 19 and from New Zealand. I have suffered with LPHS for five years now .

I have seen numerous Urologists , Renal Physicans , Pain Specialists . Iv tried many pain reliefs . Im in pain 24/7 . Every urine test for the past six years has had blood in it , microscopic or visable . I have bad bouts , or ‘attacks’ as i call them , not so often anymore . every two months or so , it was weekly at one stage and i spend weeks in and out of hospital on I.V morphine . I have had a stent put in , a camrea put into my kidney my urologist saw my kidney was bleeding inside . He said he would try to laser it , but it was bleeding from so many different spots that if he tried he would just damage the kidney . My kidney function is fine , and other than low iron levels occasionally im pretty healthy .

LPHS has had a massive impact on my life . I left school at 15 , to study from home . I lost the majority of my friends , if it wasn’t for my boyfriend and family i would have been miserable . My Mum has been there for me , takes me to all my doctors visits . She brought a house just over a year ago with a flat underneath it for my boyfriend – Devin & I to live it . Its great to have our own space , but the comfort of having Mum upstairs if I need her . Iv been with Devin for five years in July , friends say we are like an old married couple and im happy with that . Hes my strength when i have none , hes my best friend and such a blessing to have . It hasn’t been easy for him either , its not nice having a girlfriend who is in and out of hospital , drugged up & always in pain .

Another love of my life is my puppy . his name is Bailey and hes a chihuahua pappilon cross . hes a little over a year old . he sleeps in bed with me , keeps me company when im up late at night.

I’m at a loss as what to do . I’m tired of this, I spend most of the time at home . I dont work and rarely see my friends. As awful as it sounds I do find some comfort in emailing people who know what its like . If you would like to email me its , [email protected] .

Hope you are all having a painfree day / night .

Love Erin

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