The sports doc told me NOT to do anymore running.

The sports doc told me NOT to do anymore running. NONE. Not until I get some PT, then maybe a steroid injection (worst-case scenario, surgery). My last vertebra is out of jelly — no more shock gelatin in there, I have a herniated disc, blah blah.

But I gotta run! It kills me watching everybody running around, and seeing all the lard-asses taking their sweet time walking in the middle of the track no less when I’m out of commission!

So should I just go ahead and jog anyway? Only jog, not run. Well, maybe that last lap or something (which is what killed me in the first place two years ago — thought I pulled a hamstring…turned out to be, according to the MRI, “referred pain” from the lower back!).

Damn, at a slow 3-4 mph I can jog forever! I love it…love really running too but I’ll have to take it easy…I plan on doing no more than twice a week at half an hour each…sounds good?

Anyone aggravated a bad back by jogging anyway? I’ve been at rest for like a whole year now, and I think my running muscles are atrophying or something…feels very odd trying to run for the bus or something like that…or maybe it’s that the injury never healed, etc.


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