Fibromyalgia and my spine

First of all, I have been the one to encourage and reach out to other pain sufferers on other sites always. I felt a strength as long as I could hang on to a sliver of hope. Without it, I have often said, “we will fall into the deep, dark depths of despair”. I have been falling there often in the last 6 months. I have no energy to describe all the pain, all the reasons, all the loss, becoming dependent, no money status, continual denial of SSDI, the conditions, diseases and types of pain right now. I just want to let it out, I do not feel I can cope with this anymore. I keep thinking today, I do not want to live. It’s useless. Why get up to face another day of the same agony, torture and suffering? I’m so tired. Any feedback from fellow sufferers is welcome.

2 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and my spine”

  1. I feel this same way year after year after year. I have ha FM since 1992 and really lots of symptoms before then, but I have no energy. I want to just stay in the bed. I am a pastors wife and people need me. I have fight hard to keep the faith, but it gets harder all the time. U r not alone!

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