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Searching for Life (And Stories) Beyond LPHS

After six years of near constant kidney stones – at least that’s what everyone thought – my doctor diagnosed me with LPHS. During this time I have lost numerous jobs, my house, wife, etc. You know the old country song. I recently moved back in with my parents, which has been a hit to the ol’ ego certainly…but has done me a lot of good as well. Not having to suffer through a day at the office, but focus on other aspects of life has been good for me. Of course, it would be great if the pain would go away! Knowing that isn’t going to happen, I’ve been on a search for ways to add meaning to my life. One idea I had was to put together a book written by chronic pain patients for chronic pain patients….

I’m looking for stories that are inspirational – that show the world that even though we may not be able to live and love the way they can, we can still get something out of life. If you feel like telling me your story or already have it written, please send it to me at [email protected]. When I have enough stories, I’ll compile them into an ebook and post it on a website for download.