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Video: Fibromaylgia Coffee Break- Happy Thanksgiving

Today is November 20, 2007. Here is the latest installment of “Fibromyalgia Coffee Break.” Today we answer some fan mail, (or un-fan mail, as the case may be.) We talk about cycling, and the effects on the back. We also talk about fibromyalgia in the hands, and how it affects guitar playing. The end of this edition also includes a demonstration of how fibromyalgia limits mobility in the hand, when trying to fully arch and stretch you hand, as is required for the more complex chords of guitar playing.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Please note: I do not sell anything.

I’m just a real person, with fibromyalgia, who blogs. I have a written blog as well, hosted off my family website, surfercouple.com. (There is nothing for sale there either.)

Where’s the box?

Russ hllywdruss

The musings and commentary of a brilliant mind gone bad. Chronic Pain. I’ve been diagnosed with severe clinical depression. I also suffer from anxiety because of my chronic pain. It permeates all aspects of my daily life. Luckily my wife helps me deal with a lot of the day to day, and she is comfort to me at night. It would be quite a trial to face my illnesses all alone.


My Teeter Inversion Table Experience

Brief run down of how the inversion table is effecting my screwed up back.

They offer immediate relief but it depends on whether or not you follow the suggestions from the company. I had to go the extreme route and felt it then, I HATE the ankle supports, very painful (although secure). Although, I am over 250, that might have something to do with it.

I am extremely bad but not that bad. I can do SOME things consistently for around 3 days, then I have to take at least 2-3 more days relaxing, icing, and resting. I am waiting for boots for the machine. If they work, I plan to spend as much time as I can upside down drinking a ton of water.

For all those in chronic pain or physical disabilities (youtube video)

Many people who subscribe to me have mental disorders but what about those who suffer horrid physical pain i urge all those who do yet are able to see their glass half full to make or use old vids as responses to help the many suffering with pain & disabilities who can only see their glass as half empty and are in despair.

Thankyou in advance love Jules x:-)