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My Story

Twenty years ago I fell down some steps and need a back operation for a herniated disc. The sciatta went away after that and I was not in pain anymore. Recently the sciatta pain came back. I went to a chriopractor and he worked on my body and then took a massage machine and put it directly on my back where I had the operation. I had immediate pain in that area. I had to get a cat scan and I now have spinal stenois and bulging discs. I went to a neurosurgeon and I had a steriod epidural done. I was pain free for one month and then the pain came in my left leg. I can hardly walk because I am in so much pain. I am very limited to do anything. I have been waiting for another appointment to get another shot for 2 weeks now. I am so desperate to get any type of help. I am hoping that the next shot will work and that I will be pain free for a long time.

Laura’s Story

Hello, I have had 4 cervical herniated discs 5 years ago, and now they are back. I did physical therapy the first time, and this time I am seeing an orthopedic specialist, a positional release therapist and a Physical Therapist in addition to my regular doc. Since October I have been in Chronic pain, I was really unable to do the therapy excersizes because of the radiating pain that would happen down both arms and hands. I just received an injection about 10 days ago, and the pain is 80 percent better already. They say that it takes a while for it to work. I am able to think again, smile again and work almost to my previous level. I was very nervous about getting the injections and had researched in depth about them. I decided that it was either that or surgery, so I thought I would try. I had it done by my spine specialist under the x-ray I opted to be sedated because I did not want to move at all! It has given me my life back I am a teacher and kids depend on me all day long.

I am hoping I will not need more injections or surgery. The Positional release helps alot, traction, and massage.


I’ve had back trouble off and on for many years. It finally become out of control within the last year. I know how stupid this sounds, but I thought I was dealing with arthritis. Yes, I saw three idiot “medical students,” “physician’s assistants,” and finally saw a doctor who immediately wanted to do a fusion. I declined and went somewhere else. My brother had the surgery while still in his thirties. It failed, he became a Demerol addict — and died of an over dose three years ago.

As it turns out, I have two herniated discs between L3-L4, L4-L5. I guess just being chubby and older was enough for this injury.

I went to another facility and had three injections. The first two were a complete failure. I had the third almost two weeks ago. I was improving…until I did a few chores that required me to do a bit of bending. Now my leg muscles are so sore I can hardly move AND the back pain returned in spades.

I’m upset, discouraged and am about ready to get a scooter and get it over with. 🙁