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Between Neuro-surgeon and Orthopaedic-surgeon who to consult with for chronic back pain.

I fell down the stairs while pregnant in 1996. In 2001 I started having lower back pain going down my right leg. MRI showed mild bulging L5, SI. I was treated with epidural injection and tractions. The pain went away immediately after months of agony. I was pain free until last year, 2010 Aug. This time the pain is in my lower back, hip, coccyx, butt, down the leg. I am doing Biokinetics since from June 2011 and not sure if they are working. Is it true that the second epidural injection won’t work? Do I seek help with Neuro sergeon or orthopaedic sergeon?

Tears in my eyes

I’ve had this pain in my neck for 6 years and I am only 30. It started when I hit my head in a car accident and ever since the pain has been crazy. I have no Insurance so getting any treatment has seemed to be non existent in my area were I live. The pain is on the left side of my upper neck and it feels like it’s down to the bone it radiates pain into my shoulder that extends into my arm and down my hand. It burns. It never goes away just sometimes lets up a little. It’s so bad at times I’ve went to the E.R. AND THEY JUST LOOK AT ME LIKE A CRACK HEAD HUNGRY FOR DRUGS!!! I have had muscle spasm in this same area so bad I also had to return to the E.R AND THEY GAVE ME SOME MUSCLE RELAXERS WHICH DID SEEM TO HELP. I’VE HAD TO START SLEEPING ON MY BACK AT ALL TIMES WHEN i CAN GET ANY SLEEP CAUSE IT HURTS TO BAD TO SLEEP ON MY SIDE. tHIS PAIN HAS ONLY GOTTEN WORSE AND i DON’T KNOW WHATS WRONG AND DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANY HELP OUT THERE???

Untreated chronic pain hell

In 2003 I broke my neck in an injury, it didn’t happen on my job but at my brother-in law truck he had no insurance and I didn’t either I had no money saved up for medical help. I went to the hospital for 4 days in the row without money or insurance they wouldn’t take mri’s or do anything for me. I hurt so bad I just balled up and cried for one year and 7 months I stayed like that till they put me in csu a place for crazy people i couldn’t eat or use the restroom right i lost weight and couldn’t think right for the great pain after a month later they gave me disability but by then the dics in my neck had damaged 3 nerves in my right arm i had two hole on both sides of my left elbow my left arm now is twice as small as my right with only 25% of strength as my right, they said i also dislocated a disk in my lower back that hurts all the time,now in 2011 they give two pain pills a day that only last 4 to 6 hours the rest of time i just cry and suffer its getting where i can’t live like this i’m either going to go crazy or die because my health keeps getting worse and worse because of this great pain i can’t control. Please pray for me. Michael

Some help please…

My name is Melanie, I’m 29 and I was diagnosed with LPHS in October of last year, after a 3-4 year struggle with doctors and hospitals, hundreds of tests, 5 surgeries, and living in horrible pain. Unfortunately, I’m still in constant pain and feel like I am just at the end of my rope. I’m on MS Contin and Dilaudid daily and still in pain 7/10 most days, in and out of the hospital… I’ve been out of work since Oct and have no source of income and paying health insurance out of pocket. I recently had an experimental procedure in Manhattan where they dripped an anesthetic over my kidney for an hour, and I only had relief for 3 days. I feel like I’m out of options and so overwhelmed. Any advice anyone may have will help, I’m so tired of suffering.

Newly diagnosed with LPHS

Hi everyone,

My diagnosis of LPHS was just confirmed today. It has been an agonizing year as my symptoms began in January of 2010. I am 29 years old and I have been through many doctors and many trips to the ER for my terrible right flank pain and nausea/vomiting. After having a thorough work-up, doctors began telling me they thought that the pain was psychological. I even had an ER doctor look at the number of times I had come in and he basically called me a drug addict and that he wasn’t going to treat me. He suggested that when my body is needing a “fix” for drugs, to just go for a walk. What a laugh, I would love to go for a walk if I could! The pain is so debilitating that the simplest of things cause me agony. My primary care physician finally referred me to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mayo Clinic! Everyone was kind and did everything they could to help me. I had a complete work-up and I also asked to see a Nephrologist (I had not seen one previously and thought it would be a good idea since the pain is right over the kidney and also because of the constant presence of microscopic blood in my urine.) My doctor was Dr. Marie Hogan and she ordered a renal biopsy, which confirmed the disease. Because of Dr. Hogan, I now have a diagnosis that I can take to my primary care doctor to start pain management. I feel so relieved to finally be able to prove to all of these people that I’m not crazy. I was so happy to find this forum with posts from others like me who understand what I’m going through!

No diagnosis constant backpain

I had a fall when I was 23 and ever since then have been in constant pain. (I am now 31) I was sent home from hospital after an x-ray showed nothing. After it didn’t get better and many many tears I eventually got to go to ‘THE BACK INSTITUTE‘ in Wellington. They sent me for an MRI and that didnt even show anything. All I have are various pain meds doctors prescibe but as there is no injury showing up no-one knows what to do. I am in agony daily and can’t stand sitting for long, car journeys are torturous. I long for a diagnosis as i am treated like it doesn’t exist. I have a wonky spine and a hard muscle in my lower right back that never rests.

What I want to know are what other tests could there be to try to find whats wrong. They say it’s nothing skeletal yet my vertebrae hurt at the time and is displaced and the hard muscle comes from there. Could it be a nerve thing? I am severley restricted in what I can do for work and wonder also what jobs people in pain have found they can do? Mine seems to worsen with gravity and when lifted or hanging the pain disappears but it’s not convenient to be like this! swimming upstream helps but I have no river here.

I just wonder what else I could do and who else is out there in this condition. It’s been 8 years now and it looks like it will be many more. I am yet to have children and wonder how people with extreme chronic lower back pain could possibly handle it!! Calling out there for help/support/possible answers/solutions??

LPHS and my girlfriend (can anyone help?)

My girlfriend Melanie has been going through this also. She has had multiple hospital visits, doctors visits, even alternative help (i.e. Reiki, acupuncture amongst other things) and nothing is working. She has been told 1000 times “Its all in your head!” To make matters worse, she is a RN at a hospital and they flagged her file as “Drug Seeking” which crushed her emotional also. We live in NY about 60 miles north of New York City, Please, if anyone can help her, it would be great!!