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My Story

Twenty years ago I fell down some steps and need a back operation for a herniated disc. The sciatta went away after that and I was not in pain anymore. Recently the sciatta pain came back. I went to a chriopractor and he worked on my body and then took a massage machine and put it directly on my back where I had the operation. I had immediate pain in that area. I had to get a cat scan and I now have spinal stenois and bulging discs. I went to a neurosurgeon and I had a steriod epidural done. I was pain free for one month and then the pain came in my left leg. I can hardly walk because I am in so much pain. I am very limited to do anything. I have been waiting for another appointment to get another shot for 2 weeks now. I am so desperate to get any type of help. I am hoping that the next shot will work and that I will be pain free for a long time.

Meth clinics raise price astronomically

I’ve been on methadone for a few decades. When I was young I got addicted to heroin and after an awful legal mess and being so awfully sick and almost died I went in patient meth clinic. I was so bad off a policeman told me I needed a bath, you get the picture. Anyway, this clinic and the meth at the right dose put me on my feet and I’ve been clean for decades. Problem is, they raised the price to almost $500.00 per month. I don’t want to leave what works for me because of the price. Not only that but I cannot afford new prescription eye glasses, I see really blurry. This country is really cut throat in how insurances are done too. Need help badly.

I’ve been in constant pain for 8 years

Hi I’m 18 years old and I’ve been in constant pain since the age of 10 and no doctor wants to do anything about it. I’ve been to the hospital over 50 times trying to figure out what’s wrong with me, but the doctors don’t do shit as usual, I’ve been getting constant headaches for the past 6 years that never go away literally, my back is in constant pain. I have a red circle patch in the middle of my back with weird hair growing on it and it aches, I can’t stop thinking cus of the pain so I never really get to relax, I forgot what relaxing felt like, and forgot what happiness felt like and emotions too. I’m aching all over and I have no friends my family treats me like shit and doesn’t take me seriously. I’m honestly at the point where I’m gonna kill myself cus no one gives a shit and I guess I’m just a number after all so fuck you all…………..

Spinal Block and Now Pain.

I had a spinal block done 8 years ago and the doctor ended up having to stick me 5 timet. It was horrible. He hit a nerve 3 times and made my leg jerk. I wasn’t moving I was to afraid to. He yells at me telling me to stay still. I’m scared, crying, and they refused to let my husband in to help keep me calm. It was the worst experience ever. Ever since I have been having really bad back pain and sometimes when I’m standing or walking i get a sharp pain shoot up my spine. It’s so bad that it sometimes takes me to my knees. It feels like someone is stabbing me. Does anyone know what is going on? I just got insurance so I can see a doctor. Any advice?

I think I’m really screwed finally

I suppose a small part of this is a cry for help. but mainly I want some record of my existence beyond what is happening if you know what I mean. I want some people out there somewhere to have really heard me and know why.

Starting about 4 years ago I was having severe lower back pain. Back then I thought that was so bad….little did I know.
From there over the next four years my right hip severe to excruciating pain daily….I hurt from my neck bone all the way down my spine to my tailbone. my shoulders hurt, my fingers hurt I’m just going to stop although there is more because it gets ridiculous obviously.

My lower intestine seemed to have stopped working about 2 years ago. I cannot eat food of any kind for about a year now. I have got pain daily from just drinking ensure to stay alive. And I have dropped a hundred pounds and not on purpose. I pretty much hurt all over and I feel so malnourished and awful all the time. I live alone and can get no actual help for some reason. I have been through the ringer with the medical profession and no one cares. that’s just the bottom line. And a little over a year ago when I was in the worst shape of my life and even worse now of course. Anyway my wonderful wife decided to leave me for a police officer. I cannot eat and I cannot stand the pain anymore. and I am alone no one needs me or counts on me anymore anyway. I am 43 years old and have grown children. And frankly they don’t seem to care much about me. I’m not sure why. I always did my best and they were kept safe with a roof over their head and food to eat. This generation seems extra selfish for some reason.

LPHS and Endometriosis

Yesterday I was diagnosed with LPHS as a 28 year old female. In 2007 I was also diagnosed with endometriosis and have since had 4 surgeries to remove nerves and the endometriosis that has grown rapid in the right side of my body. I always had kidney pain, on the right side, that I just figured was pain that radiated due to the endo. However, after having had another surgery in October, I ended up back in the hospital with severe kidney pain. Again no stones or signs of a UTI, so the easy answer for my doctors was to blame the endo, put me on meds and send me home. This time the pain has gotten worse and even the medications are useless. I just got back to work from having been on leave and I was in tears yesterday from all the pain in my back. I finally went back to my primary doctor who also specializes in neuphrology and due to my urine cultures and symptoms was diagnosed with LPHS. My question to him was, what do I do? The look on his face was very alarming as there isn’t much to be done. He knew of some patients that were placed on ACE inhibiters but my blood pressure is super low so I’m not eligible for such option. I’m looking for guidance as I want to know if anyone else has the combination of LPHS and Endometriosis (Stage 4). Also, suggestions on what to do and how to make my quality of life better. I’ve been on narcotics before for the severe endo pain and I really don’t want to go down that same road. I feel as though my pain reacts to nothing, so why bother being on something when I’m going to be in pain anyways. I’m also scared that since I’ve been in the hospital so many times I may be labeled a “drug seeker” as when I enter the first thing they do is give me dialudid through the iv to try and take the edge off, which is prob the only thing that helps but I can’t live on that! AND the iv works but when I took the meds, it helped very little and keep in mind this is extremely heavy narcotics. I’ve also gained 40 lbs in the last year, I was very skinny to begin with, but both diseases have made me feel self concious and I barely eat because I’m so very nauseated. I feel I’m way too young to give up. I’ve dealt with the endo and will deal with this just as well. I’m just at a loss on what to do next, some said (including my doctor) a possible kidney biopsy, pain management, accupuncture, excersie but I’m just exhausted and don’t know how to handle all of this. HELP!

Warm Regards,

Epidural injections for me

my dr recently suggested the epidural injections for me. i have herniated disk in my cervical spine in my c5 and c6. i agreed and last week was my first one. was in quit a bit of pain and called up there and they called me in 15 7.5s to help me along. well i had to go back one week later which was this thursday and this time it hurt me much worse. they next day i was so miserable and i called to have them call me in a few more just to help me along for a couple of days and they said no that they were procedure drs only and that one script was a one time thing. i had to end up going to hospital and getting a pain shot. i felt much better afterwards and this morning is a lot better than the last few days. do these injections really help and are they really worth it? im still not happy with the dr cause i feel like if im miserable then they should prescribe something to help me for a few days. i guess everyone who goes in there pill seeking so much has ruined it for the ones who do not abuse the medicine. sorry guys just venting some. when will i start really feeling better?