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The scariest pain shot in my life

Hi my name is Renee I was hit as a pedestrian when I was 39 years old. Told I would be fine went back to work after 2 weeks…..

Mean while my spine which was fractured, continued to worsen….. 1.5 years latter I was told that I had fibromyalgia. A year after that they said I had Arthritis/bulging disks herniated disk stenous. Facet joint syndrome, etc this is entire length of spine.

I went to get epidural for my neck which I have had 4 times before, he couldn’t get in to epidural muscle. so he started to jam in. If that wasn’t bad enough he moved down to lower part of my neck when he did this he struggled, but got in, he hit nerve root for my left arm, my whole arm flew up in the air and started to shake. I had a feeling of a million bee stings, this was horrible;;; I will not attempt this again. I don’t know if any damage at this point, but have been looking for any other post where this happened it was truly traumatic.

Please respond if anyone has had this happen.