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MRN Loxapine caused Drug Dystonia

Dr.Hunter abused Loxapine with my cancer treatment in 2011. I was a victim of medical neglect 2003-2011. Due to second opinion test results Within normal limits. No abnormal cells. The doctor moved to Ottawa. The Houselink workers Pam Skinner and Paula Tookey and Cynthia Turner and Pauline .G. Morriss and Fiore Mester etc:; cancelled the appointment. They watched me fall in the cracks. Sue and Catlin phoned the C.A.S to confirm the visit with my daughter. My sister got drunk before the visit. She took all my TTC and cab fare away from me and i had a dump. Jason and Cathy moved out cuz of Sandra’s alcohol abuse. Jody and Jaipreet bailed Sandra out of her no tresspass order. The bad policeman bailed Sandra after she buried Fluffy in Cherry Beach. Sandra phoned me in the Cancer Ward 2 weeks after it happened. Sandra found it in Kelly’s closet. The policeman bailed Sandra out after she kicked Susan in the leg twice. Dr. Samuel Malcolmson got his patient pregnant. He is not my doctor anymore. I cant bend my arms, cant walk, cant chew my food, saliva. I had problems closing my eyes at night, blinking and eyes rolling around, chewing my inside of my mouth.

I reported him to the college. My brain was paralyzed. I cant pull my pants up. I cant shower and bathe. Drug Dystonia is in my Blue Card hospital card MRN now. Loxapine caused Dystonia. I still have it. I take Serequel now. I reported it to CCHR.