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Chiropractors Causing Cervical Dystonia

I’m afraid my story might not be of help to anyone here as we all have some form of it. But it feels good to vent! I noticed, and it was only very rarely and under infrequent moments of duress, my neck turning involuntarily to the right and tilting up and then, within a minute or so, relaxing. It did cause me to become more aware of my neck posture and rigidity. On the belief that chiropractors are the specialists to see for neck problems I went to see one who questioned me briefly on my problem. I stated there were moments of stiffness and a curious inability to look straight ahead if I was having my picture taken for a passport photo and the like. He had me lay on my stomach and proceeded to pop out a point on my neck as well as an area between shoulder blades. Within 24 hours I was in excruciating pain and had a permanent, life-altering case of cervical dystonia for which I receive Botox injections quarterly, prescriptions for Lorazepam, Percocet and Neurontin. Plus he exacerbated discs in my back that required an operation within several months and cause intermittent bouts of pain that before my visit I had none of. I tried to sue but the burden of proof lay with me proving these conditions were non-existent before. If I did not have a modest business that allows me to make my own hours, I would without question on disability. I try not to think about that visit that changed my life. A really qualified chiropractor would have taken x-rays first and likely not applied the same treatment.