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Four years ago the nausea, commuting, erratic blood pressure, weight gain and blood on the toilet tissue started. My primary was wonderful but could only treat each symptom. I was already on 8 vicoden a day due to a serious neck injury so I don’t remember the flank pain. I had cystography but my doc was clueless. I did get treated for trigimonis and my symptoms suddenly stopped. I forgot all about it until about 6 months after my symptoms returned only this time much worse. The hospital I went to refused to give me pain pills or a neurology referral for a year and a half. The urology dept promised me a neurology referral if my cystography came back normal. Then when it did come back normal they refused the referral and told me to go to the emergency room. On a scale of 1-10my pain was consistently 12. When I told the nurse in urology that the pain was so bad I wanted to blow my head off they immediately sent the police, which is how I ended at the new hospital, cause once the cops heard what I’d been through they understood my pain. So I immediately got a neurology referral, pain meds and a diagnosis. Praise god, cause I almost lost my mind. I’m still totally in pain, bleeding everyday and sick to my stomach… But at least I know I’m not crazy. HELP ME START A RESEARCH PROJECT. Patti 619 992 2765