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Epidural injections for me

my dr recently suggested the epidural injections for me. i have herniated disk in my cervical spine in my c5 and c6. i agreed and last week was my first one. was in quit a bit of pain and called up there and they called me in 15 7.5s to help me along. well i had to go back one week later which was this thursday and this time it hurt me much worse. they next day i was so miserable and i called to have them call me in a few more just to help me along for a couple of days and they said no that they were procedure drs only and that one script was a one time thing. i had to end up going to hospital and getting a pain shot. i felt much better afterwards and this morning is a lot better than the last few days. do these injections really help and are they really worth it? im still not happy with the dr cause i feel like if im miserable then they should prescribe something to help me for a few days. i guess everyone who goes in there pill seeking so much has ruined it for the ones who do not abuse the medicine. sorry guys just venting some. when will i start really feeling better?