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23 years old and uncurable

hi i’ve been on this website for around 3 years and i have made some great friends who understand what i’m going throught. i have had LPHS for 6 years now and am still uncurable. if anyone wants to ask any questions feel free to email me. its [email protected] . i also want to tell people about a fanatastic doctor who is helping my surgeons even tho he lives in ohio and i’m in scotland. his name is dr herbert and he is at ohio uni in research. if your doctors are sturggling to help as there is very little info on LPHS he will send a wealth of info that has helped me i’m still in pain but At least it helps a bit much better than having opium based drugs which slowly kill you i’m still on them but at a lower dose with some new tablets and also a THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) nasalspray!

i just want to say i have made some fantastic friends here.
again feel free to contact me