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My pain story – Kariemah

My name is Kariemah and I live in Cape Town South Africa. I am a pain suffer since 1998, it took my specialist 8 years to reach diagnosis of LPHS. As none of the oral pain medication worked, they presented the option of an intrathecal morphine pump. This was done in 2007 and it worked wonders for me.

I had very few hospitalizations for pain, whenever I needed an adjustment of my internal medication. Please bear in mind, it does not remove your pain, it just lightens it. I think any person with LPHS understands that any slight reduction of pain means a great welcome. So not a pain free day but a more manageable one.

My problem now is I lost my job 3 years ago due to pain as well as my medical aid which originally paid for my pump. I am very lucky my sister put me on her’s for now. The medical aid however are taking their time to consider paying for the operation.

The battery only lasts 7 years and needs replacement. Now on my sisters medical aid struggling to get approval and running out of time. Medtronic is the pain pump manufacturer. If you are able, have a look at this as an option, it really does relieve pain.