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How would you describe LPHS flank and back pain?

About 6 months ago I had a UTI which went away after antibiotics. However since then I’ve been dealing with prostatitis. They say you have to be careful since prostatitus can be caused by bacteria which can travel to your bladder and eventually to your kidneys. I’ve had everything tested (urine, blood, semen) and only semen had a trace amount of bacteria which was treated w antibiotics. To date however my prostatitus symptoms are present and flare up after having sex or drinking alcohol. I’ve never had any flank pain until last week. As such they did a CT Scan and a Renal Ultra Sound. Both of those came back as normal. But they did find a trace amount of red blood cells in my urine. I was able to control the pain w Motrin and I thought it was going away until yesterday. The pain was constant. But the main questions I have are

a) what does LPHS pain feel like exactly?

b) where does it hurt exactly? (I feel pain soreness on my side, abdomen, mid back and between the shoulder blades) most severe pain on my sides.

c) what would you recommend in my situation to determine if I have LPHS or not?