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LPHS…. my story from London


I am in London, England and this has hit me too. On June 6th last year I had an episode of frank haematuria and went to hospital, they suspected a stone but after many tests and a ureteroscopy, I was diagnosed with LPHS and sent home with painkillers…practically written off.

Not happy with this I complained to my doctor who referred me to another specialist at a well known hospital in London. He said he needed to do another ureteroscopy and i had that done last month, again i have now been almost written off. I am under the care of a pain team at the hospital who want to fit me with an implant which will mean i can zap myself when bad. The tablets they gave me are pregabalin, diclofenac and a regular analgesic. Diclofenac is related to aspirin and gives me terrible acidity and I am allergic to gaviscon and alike antacid meds. Pregabalin wipes me out and I just sleep all day.
I can no longer work and the tablets only dull the pain slightly.

Our national health service means that as soon as they realise they cannot fix me, i am sent home with pills and forgotten about.Please wish that the USA does not end up with the health service it is currently pushing for as then you will all be in the same boat as me and my mother who was not allowed MS treatment because it was too expensive for the over 5o’s.

I am 39 and a full time carer for my father which is becoming an untenable situation. I also have a twelve year old daughter and pray she does not get this too. Some stories on here show a hereditary link.

I feel that because there are so few of us around the World, the money needed for research will never be forthcoming and that means we are all left in limbo and in terrible pain.

It is a solitary illness because when its really bad and you are doubled up , nothing anyone does can help so you tend to retreat into your own space to deal with it…like a wounded animal.

I wish all sufferers as much pain free time as possible…..above everything, the pain gives us wrinkles!!

Annie ([email protected])