Living With Scoliosis

A short film about my experiences of Scoliosis. This clip shows the first time I wear my brace, getting home and shows my scars after surgery.

In August 1993 I was diagnosed with having Scoliosis. At only 13 years of age I was very scared! I was referred to the local hospital by my GP for X-rays and was told that my curve was 23 degrees. The information about Scoliosis available was very limited, though I was put in contact with the SAUK (the Scoliosis Association of the UK – an independent support group for people suffering from the condition). As if by coincidence, I had previously read a book about a girl suffering with a condition called Scoliosis and this meant that I immediately had some idea of what was being discussed. The book is:

“Deenie” by Judy Blume

available from – or

If you or your daughter are in the same position right now, I strongly recommend that you obtain a copy of this invaluable book. It’s about a young girl who is diagnosed with Scoliosis and in it she explains how she came to terms with the condition and ultimately coped with it. Having read this it helped me to understand what I had to prepare myself for.


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