Idiots of this world……..Always point the finger at the patient……..

Next month is my second year reunion for what I refer to as the beginning of my epidural hell. I write papers, website comments, e-mails and the lot to any one or organization of my ordeals with ignorant point the finger individuals. Also known as the Doctor Mr. Quacks of this world whom misplace the needle locations, create a enormous error and point the finger toward the client. This writers negative symptoms are so debilitating and the number so lengthy, it is over a novel long. Having two prior injection, one understands, through the experience, knowledge of just what it feels like if the procedure is performed correctly. My third was given by one of those Mr. Quack individuals. Excruciating pain, numbness, loss of bladder/bowel functions and the lists are reams of paper. Never, have this procedure unless it is ultimately the last resort. My story is available within one of my websites. I shall e-mail this org to see if they allow a forward, it is well worth reading, which I add to on a weekly basis. Maybe you are just starting and or been there and need that acknowledgment that you are not alone. Good luck.

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