Mans Life of Pain

Treated so bad as a child; then to have a wife pass away from brain tumor after 18 yrs of marriage; leaving him with 4 children to finish raising; jobs weren’t so understanding. Then 2 car wrecks later watching him live in pain and doctors treating him like he’s just there for medication. No he is literally there for the Chronic pain, the degenerative bone disease, the bone spurs, the bone fragments; the spine damage from the 2 wrecks within 3 months no fault of his own; they nearly killed the man. Now watching him live in Chronic pain; knowing a little medication could help his mind functions better yet doctors think he’s just wanting the pills. They need to see his MRI’s and Scans of his spine. The Spine is one of the Most important functions in our human anatomy it has to do with every thing you are. The Pain is so bad; His Mentality is awful. Trying to keep him up is hard. He just needs a little help from a Real compassionate doctor these PA’s just a couple of years of school has No idea what someone in Chronic pain goes thru just to get thru a day.

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  1. Hello, I am looking on line for other people with chronic pain.
    One of my friends, myself, and countless others suffer daily from pain and have difficulty making professionals understand. I often know more about the body, about nerve movement, muscles, and medication than they do. Would you please be willing to contact me and give me some background to your story?

    1. Hello Lin, my name is Desi Canales from Pensacola, Florida. I was injured in a motorcycle wreck on 9/11/1982 that crushed my L3, L4. I spent six months in the hospital and was then discharged into a strange & cruel world of pain and despair. The pain I went thru in my early years (was 23 when I got hurt), was brutal. Shooting pains to my lower legs & feet that felt like 3000 volts of lightning sent straight from hell! At times it felt like lucifer himself was reaching up from hell – trying to torture me. If not for pain meds and anti-depressants, I may have gone crazy! It’s now been 34 long years and it’s a wonder my hair is not ALL gray. Lately I have been experiencing a new and equally painful situation; while sitting in my wheelchair I unknowingly let my right foot wonder to the edge of my footplate. Little did I know that – that action that I did, would soon result in very excruciating pain to the R side of my R foot. The pain must go 4-5 layers into the foot because it hurts real bad. I will try to get a nerve injection to that foot in hopes the pain lessens….. I just need a little help sometimes! Anyway, I hope this testimony helps somebody and leave’s all in the best of health.

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