I’ve been in constant pain for 8 years

Hi I’m 18 years old and I’ve been in constant pain since the age of 10 and no doctor wants to do anything about it. I’ve been to the hospital over 50 times trying to figure out what’s wrong with me, but the doctors don’t do shit as usual, I’ve been getting constant headaches for the past 6 years that never go away literally, my back is in constant pain. I have a red circle patch in the middle of my back with weird hair growing on it and it aches, I can’t stop thinking cus of the pain so I never really get to relax, I forgot what relaxing felt like, and forgot what happiness felt like and emotions too. I’m aching all over and I have no friends my family treats me like shit and doesn’t take me seriously. I’m honestly at the point where I’m gonna kill myself cus no one gives a shit and I guess I’m just a number after all so fuck you all…………..

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  1. There is one person out there at this moment who cant live without you. I care, dont do it.

    Make a list of things you want to do and try to do at least one of them each week…

    – watch a tv show
    – take a cooking class
    – visit a new place
    – sign up on a dating or friend-finder site
    – start an old or new hobby
    – read a book or magazine
    – go to a festival
    – take a walk or ride on a new trail
    – adopt a pet
    – stay at a hotel with a hot tub and Continental breakfast
    – go to see a movie
    – petsit or babysit
    – buy a plant or start a garden
    – volunteer to call people to vote

    I hope that you will give your life a chance despite the assholes out there that feed off others happy vibe. You deserve a great life too. Fuck everyone else.

    1. Please hang in there. Your worth it. I can’t say it will get better. We chronic pain sufferers are a special breed who do truly suffer a unique silent lack of understanding and it sucks!!!! I feel your agony! PLease take one day at a time… YOUR special and beautiful. Lisa ??a 13 year sufferer. Much love and hugs

  2. My story is very similar to everyone on this page ….DDD

    I don’t sleep.cant walk far or lift anything or even make the bed….and I am.in pain all the time.
    I had the injection in my back back in January
    Still in pain…

    My consultant has recommended a Ten machine which has helped..
    As I have been of work for 10months unable to lead a normal life….

    I changed my diet, cutting down on meat – took off a few pound…as I was 6 pound over weight ….cut out coffee..tea…
    Replace it with water and lime/lemon…drinking it hot or cold…or herbal tea’s. …

    Try investing in a SAD Light….

    One can only try… I spend 2 to 3 days laying on my back in great pain on my bad days.

    Once the back goes we just have to find ways of helping ours selves by sharing tips in how to deal with it..

    I have found keeping positive helps….
    I smile even though I am in great pain,
    As no one really believes that you are suffering….Until it happens to them.

    Back pain is text book for some doctors and they just tick boxes – I had a total break down at my doctors surgery I walk away feeling ashamed…

    The TENS machine dose works …. As when u feel helpless u try anything for a little any relef…

  3. Hi there Kyla! I usually do not post things but in this case I decided to do so! If you read my post remember that life can change at any time and there is no good that stays forever and no bad that never ends! Having pain and trying to stay positive, specially when no one seems to listen to you is hard and such a young age.
    By what you are saying (I am no doctor but in the area) please make sure that some doctor listens to you and takes an MRI at your back… have you ever listened of CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome)… it might have the symptoms of redness, pain and weird hairs! I am no doctor but just feel like trying to help you because I care!

  4. You are so precious to all of us! I am so sorry you hurt so badly. I too suffer daily and rely on pain medication to get by so I can feel okay enough to continue to work. I will sincerely pray for you and ask that you will for me.

  5. HI Kyla, I read your post, and I work as a Movement Therapist. In my opinion there is a very big bridge gap between Dr’s and MD’s, and PT’s and Chiros, and so on. I would love to do a phonecall or skype session with you and hear more about your story. The body has so many systems that work together that a lot of chronic suffering houses itself in the body’s movement patterns and compensations in the muscles and tissues, which can also affect the nerves. But please reach out to [email protected]

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