Epidural Nightmare

I went yesterday to surgery center to have Lumbosacral Interve/ Bilaterral Transforaminal Epidural. The pain I experience during this procedure was so intense my scalp and face felt like they were on fire. My legs moved on their own, I had pain in my groin, my feet felt like they were in ice water. I told the Doctor that the numbing hadn’t work. The pain from the injections was the worst pain I have ever experience. I had this procedure before with another doctor and didn’t experience any pain. I sense something was wrong and advised doctor of what I was experiencing he continued on stating their was nothing for me to be concerned about.

I wanted to jump off the table, but didn’t fearing he hurt me more and that I could end up paralyzed. The pillow my head was on was drenched. I chose to have a local with no IV sedative as I had with former procedure. I was so traumatized by what occurred during the procedure I was shaking. Requested a sedative the doctor replied we give pills here and walk out the OR. The nurse took me to the recovery area. 20 minutes later this very unfriendly nurse gave me my clothes, I dressed myself while sitting on the gurney. When I step down I realized I had no feeling on left side. Two nurses had to assist me to a recliner. Their was a very kind male nurse that I had a conversation with earlier. He reassured me that this sometimes can occurred and that they had alerted the doctor. When he showed up to see the patient in the bed across from me was crying out in pain. I tried 3 times to walk and couldn’t.

When he finally came over to check me he was more than aloof and in a very cold tone said to wait another 20 minutes. I lost track of time finally with assistance I was able to walk to transport van that took me home. Today when I went to get up to go to bathroom I had a problem getting their as my left leg is numb and balance is bad. I have the worst head ach ever, pain behind my eyes that are blood red, I look like I have a bad sunburn and feel nauseous, I have pain inner left thigh I have never had before. I called the surgery center to report this, Dr. Frankenstein left a very cold message hours later on my cell. I called my doctor who referred me and alerted his nurse. He never returned my call. I should have listen to my gut feeling and cancelled. I actually did earlier. That’s another story. I’ve been on line all day. Had I read some of the comments that I read today from other patients who have experience horrific side effects. I would have run the other way. I am scared . I am attempting to think positive, but its difficult.

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