Injury to a Navy Girl

8815-f1Hey, when I left school in 2009 I wanted to help my country, I was a really sporty and fit girl. Spent all my free time surfing. Joined the navy which i trained myself fitness wise a year before I went to base to start the training. The exercise was full on but I could handle it.

After two weeks I experienced burning pain and swelling and tingling in the sides of my legs. I was told it was just shin splints from the heavy boots.

Two weeks later the pain got so bad I knew something was so wrong. I triwd to explain it to a high up level of command. He punished me with a long run because he thought I was being soft. During the run I collapsed. My legs just didn’t want to work anymore.

I was taken to the navy hospital few weeks later diagnosed with bilateral compartment syndrome in both legs. My pressures were so bad and stopping blood flow I needed the surgery to release the pressure. 4 months laterbi finally was taken for surgery.

I was told id be fine after a long recovery. I was medically discharged. Ever since I have suffered with chronic pain. Same place and same feeling as before. I had the pressures re tested and was told they were fine.

Now every day I have to deal with this horrible pain and know one can tell me what it is!. I believe its nerves but who knows. I dont want anyone feeling sorry for me. I just hoped if anyone out there is going through exactly the same thing. Please talk to me.

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    1. Hi turns out I had entrapped nerves and my compartment syndrome surgery wasn’t done correct. At the end of last year I had the surgery redone a lot bigger this time. They had to also take the fascia off my shin bone and un trap my SPN nerve.
      Now I’m in severe pain again and they believe another couple nerves are getting stuck and I’ll be needing more surgery later this year.
      So that’s where ‘injury to a navy girl’ is at now.

  1. Hello, i have compartment syndrome too. I was diagnosed and had emergency surgery nearly six months ago. If you still wanna talk to someone email me back. Thx

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