Spinal Stenosis

I had my first two injections today and I can’t believe how good I feel. The injections did not hurt however I felt pressure. I have a severe case of this and it affects my L2 and L3. I also started on Mopic about ten days ago only 15 mgs. a day it took seven days to kick in and I became pain free. My pain was only in my left buttocks. So with that being said I’m hoping I can get back to my busy life, whick includes being a almost sixty year old woman who is licensed to teach Zumba and should have been started by now, but this was in the way. Good luck to all. Donna

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    1. I had a great job in 1965.

      Then wham, out of the blue I had to retire at age 34. I am now 73 years old and can’t believe it spread from thoracic to lumber.
      And now I can’t do a damn thing without tears. Have no life. I had to retire so young.
      Had to retire and all I do is watch tv.
      Can’t even sit at my computer long.
      Been thru various pain meds and in hospital 4 times where each team of doctors told me I had to move to warmer climate which I did with wife, 2 daughters and my dog.
      Unbelievable how people tell or give me advice not to get another dog, having 2 dogs.
      First it’s hard taking care of dogs.
      I will NOT do that ever since 8 years ago dogs literally saved my life cause I needed to take anti-inflammatory pill which landed me in hospital here 9 days, bleeding ulcers. Kept passing out. And dogs woke me.

      I certainly know about meds law which started 2011 I think.
      Story is too long, I’m so sorry. My story got noticed and they wanted me to go on tv. No way I would do that and have people feeling sorry for me.
      I wish I could tell y’all everything, but this is my limit. ((Believe it or not, type 100WPM.
      I’ll tell more another time if I have to register on this site.
      Still on perc and muscle relaxer.
      I will pray for all of you. Please Pray for me.

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