My mom’s pain

For the last 7 years or so my mom has been living with chronic pain. She has always done a lot physically and could never sit still. After emptying out my Grandmother’s house, the pain got worse… she has tried every pain pill and received a marijuana medical card… nothing has worked… and many pills did more harm. Several doctor’s told her it was in her head… a few others said she needed back surgery which she had on her L5 S1 which made it even worse.

She has just tried this nerve stimulator and it seems to be working… thank God… she said if it didn’t she couldn’t live with the pain any longer.

She is going back tomorrow to have the temporary one removed then have the permanant one put in….so far….so good…..we all pray this works!

One thought on “My mom’s pain”

  1. That is great news Jazzbaby, I am very happy for you and your Mom, and hope it continues to work. Please keep us informed on her progress. We that are in pain are always after good news and technology that works is great news.

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