My long long pain…

Have been in pain since 1988. Where after 4 years of suffering had my first back surgery. Got a staph infection and had open wound on back for 5 months. Had huge ugly holes on each end of my ugly scar. I did have a few years off and on of not being in constant pain until it started up once again.

From 1993 till 2000 suffered horribly. During that time I had 12 epidurals where they just lean you over a table and shoot the epid in your back. Hurt a lot but did relieve the pain in my legs for a while. The Epidurals got to where they did not do any good. Wore braces, had physical therapy, acunpucture, Tens units. Nothing helped. The doc I was going to said there was nothing else he could do for me. I was in horrible pain and had not life at all. I was still working and so endured it during the day and went to bed as soon as I got home. I wondered what was to become of me.

Went to A NEW DOCTOR in 1999 and he did an epidural and it did not good at all so he sent me to a spine surgeon. They did a mylegram with dye and my spinal cord was completely blocked. I was in such pain I could not longer work. He set up my surgery and said he could fix me and my ugly scar. He did and put in two rods, 6 carbon cage implants, 7 screws. The pain in my legs improved but the pain in my lower pain and from the rods is forever there. I now have more damage to spinal cord and need surgery again to take the rods out that are flat and put in curved rods to repair. It is a dangerous surgery and no surgeon wants to do it.

I am obese. have diabetes, high blood pressure and a high risk for surgery. I have had about 11 epidurals over the last 4 years and they help some. Have never had the problems that you all talk about on here. I did get very sick this time after the epidrula and today I am having horrible muscle spasms in my back and can’t walk. I fear I am doomed forever to horrible pain and no relief. Why can’t they find something better to do.

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