Tears in my eyes

I’ve had this pain in my neck for 6 years and I am only 30. It started when I hit my head in a car accident and ever since the pain has been crazy. I have no Insurance so getting any treatment has seemed to be non existent in my area were I live. The pain is on the left side of my upper neck and it feels like it’s down to the bone it radiates pain into my shoulder that extends into my arm and down my hand. It burns. It never goes away just sometimes lets up a little. It’s so bad at times I’ve went to the E.R. AND THEY JUST LOOK AT ME LIKE A CRACK HEAD HUNGRY FOR DRUGS!!! I have had muscle spasm in this same area so bad I also had to return to the E.R AND THEY GAVE ME SOME MUSCLE RELAXERS WHICH DID SEEM TO HELP. I’VE HAD TO START SLEEPING ON MY BACK AT ALL TIMES WHEN i CAN GET ANY SLEEP CAUSE IT HURTS TO BAD TO SLEEP ON MY SIDE. tHIS PAIN HAS ONLY GOTTEN WORSE AND i DON’T KNOW WHATS WRONG AND DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANY HELP OUT THERE???

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