Seven years and 3 months of constant chronic pain

I am 34yrs old and all of my daughters life I have suffered with chronic pain in my spine and down the backs of both legs due to a head on collision with an artic lorry. I was in hospital for three months as I fractured my skull causing two blood clots on my brain. Luckily I pulled through but have had to live with chronic pain ever since, the NHS system I feel, has failed me, they just keep on referring me to different departments saying they have to eliminate other medical conditions.

I’ve had to push myself to the limit every single day as I want my daughters life to be as normal as possible, she has been my reason to carry on living this nightmare, I want to see her grow up, she is amazing and I love her so much. The pain has effected every aspect of my life, I don’t really have a life! Everything revolves around the pain. My mobility is not good and I have to take a cocktail of pain medication just to take the edge off the pain so I can walk and move about!!!! I feel so drained and weak physically and emotionally.

I don’t want sympathy just understanding of my problem and a diagnosis of what this is. People are so judgmental, they think because you look ok on the outside, everything is ok inside, even medics make you feel like your lying or going crazy or even exaggerating… and as for getting any help!!!! I cry on a daily basis because I just cant believe how you can be left to live this way. I used to work but I cant while I’m in this state, I would end up getting sacked! if they could cure me I would be back at work tomorrow till then I have to survive on benefit, its depressing. Keeping the house clean and walking to pick my daughter up from school is hard enough work.

The brain injury has left me half blind in both eyes, hard of hearing and suffer short term memory loss, to top it all off, the accident was not my fault. I was overtaking a idiot driver who was busy reading and kept slowing down, as I sped up he did too! not letting me overtake. So I then slowed down to get back behind him when he slowed down leaving me in the wrong lane we then came to a bend in the A552 where there was a artic lorry traveling towards us, I started breaking but it was too late and we hit head on, me being in a metro, stood very little chance of surviving!

Police asked in the newspaper for the idiot driver to come forward but he never so in the courts hearing, which was done while I was in hospital still, I got the blame for overtaking on a bend and was done for driving without due care/attention. So I couldn’t claim any compensation!! can anyone advise me? or have I just got to deal with it? I did not take out the overtake on the bend! but I’ve got to suffer because of someone else who nearly killed me and my daughter.

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