Constant Struggle

I have been dealing with chronic pain in my legs and feet for more than 12 years. The pain has destroyed my personal life, social life, my education, and many other things. My doctors don’t give a rats ass if I am in pain or not. For the last 2-3 years they will not give me any opioid’s to help me fight my pain. I have given up on any hope I had. I used to think doctors would care for me, but I believe they are waiting for me to die. I am thinking of ordering pain meds from Mexico.

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    i was waiting to die as well. if you are in pain, you must come here. it simply is not an option. im 19 and have been in pain for 6 years. this place is saving my life. you cant give up without coming here first.
    this is my third week, and it is the most difficult thing i have done in my life, but its working.

  2. In 1997, I was involved in a MVA (motor vehicle accident).
    I sustained injuries to C5-C6 in my neck, left shoulder, right collar bone and lower lumber spine.
    Had all the xrays and all the other hoo haa involved with injuries etc.
    I was advised to try to manage my pain, as I was never likely to be completely free of it, I was given NO indepth advise as how I was to achieve this.
    I was prescribed, over time, many different pain killers, most were opoid based, many were of NO or little help.
    My pain was constantly present, being aggrevated by just about any physical activity.
    Walking “regularly” offered some relief, but then what?, one cant walk ALL day!
    Relaxation techniques were of minimal help.
    I was finally prescribed Oxycontin, initially it was fantastic, good pain management, little was I to know what was to follow!. I was on this medication, for 6 years.
    I started out on a 10mg dose taken one a day, after some time, this gradually lost it’s effect, my dose was then increased to 20 mg daily, for a period of approx 2 years this offered some relief, once again though, it was gradually losing it’s pain managing effect, hence it was increased to 40mg daily, one 20mg tablet to be taken in the morning and one 20mg tablet in the evening, after time this too was beginning to lose it’s pain managing effect.
    One particular night, out of frustration, of having tollerated constant and severe pain, I lost the plot.
    I took one of my 10mg Oxy tablets, and broke it in half, crushed it up and snorted it.
    I knew I was doing the wrong thing.
    For those of you who have NEVER had to deal with ongoing pain, you could never imagine the disruption pain causes to EVERYTHING in your life.
    So don’t judge, until you have been there!
    I decided I had stepped over the “line” and went to my local Hospital, told them what I had done and was admitted, went through withdrawals, was told I could no longer be prescribed ANY opoids, and was promptly documented/recorded on the Australian National restricted prescription medication authority data base as a NARCOTICS abuser!, NOT TO BE PRESCRIBED OPOIDS.
    I was offered no substitute except panadol for pain, IF I COULD HAVE USED PANADOL IN THE FIRST PLACE, believe you me, I bloody well would have done!
    Now, I am left to self medicate with whatever medication I can purchase over the chemist counter.
    I have managed to “combine several” over the counter medications, with alcohol, to get some pain relief, NOT a very healthy choice, but one, bred out of desperation.
    I am NOT at all happy with the situation I have been placed in.
    I am on the Disability Supprt Pension, all the extra expense, of having to purchase the afore mentioned, is a drain on my minimal income.
    I am very angry, that I am now classified as a narc. abuser, and have been left out in the “lerch”, to help myself.
    I am now 50 years of age, and DO NOT have much confidence in the medical indusrty.
    I made one mistake, by snorting etc.,(two mistakes, if you include, going to the Hospital and asking for help!) I was at my wits end, having to constantly struggle, with ongoing pain.
    I feel much of the time, it would be better to just go to sleep and not wake up, I am totally fed up and depressed.
    Some days I don’t bother to get out of bed, I just can’t be bothered, what is the point?
    To those of you who are in severe pain, my sincere sympathies go out to you.
    I hope you have a nice day.
    Now I’m going back to bed, it took every ounce of my energy to write this, I don’t know what for, it won’t change my or your situation, but none the less, there you have it, bye for now.

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