my so called life

I am a 34 year old married mum of 3 children. I have suffered depression and pain for as long as i can remember. About six months ago i was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I honestly wish i still didnt have a name to put to my condition. It’s like i’ve hit a brick wall i know what is wrong with me but none of my health workers can give me any advice on how to manage.

I have gone from being reasonably happy most of the time to a wreck. I have to admit my symptoms have gone far worse than they ever were in the last 12 months or so. i seem to be having some sort of flare up. Some days i cant even manage to put my own t the shoes on without a great effort. And running around after my 2 year old is almost impossible.

I feel so low at the moment i sometimes think i cant go on. Even the usual thoughts of what it would do to my family are not enough to make me feel i am being silly. I feel i have gone from being a mum and wife, and become a burden on everyone.

No one seems to understand me and i think everyone is getting fed up of hearing me say i dont feel well or i am tired. What i am going to do is beyond me i feel so tired of everything and worthless.

Usually i am the one cheering everyone and absorbing everyones problems. I feel guilty for writing this even as if you were not depressed before reading you will be after. So as usual i apologise for being me. xxx

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    if you are in pain, coming here is not an option. my story is extremely depressing as well, but i am a patient here, and this place will save your life. i cant explain to you how much i understand you, because i felt the same way. i decided before dying, i would give this place a shot as a last effort. they are helping me save myself. please check it out.

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