LPHS….What now?

After reading many of the stories on this site, I have come to realize the one thing everyone has in common is the fact that they are alone in how they feel. I have been recently diagnosed with LPHS, my 16 year old daughter is in testing for conformation of this condition also. I relate to her feelings, and though it may seem a blessing to have someone around who understand, it is really a curse to see my daughter falling to the same fate as I. She is just getting started in life, and has so much ahead of her. Treatment options are also different for a child. Narcotic pain meds may work, but further damage the body, and may become addicting. Also not prescribed to a minor child here. Marijuana is an option, but not at 16. How is she to live with this? What can I do for her? Anyone have suggestions?

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  1. Well barbaric it may be. I have the same condition, and I do not take narcotic meds either. We suffer together. Yoga is a little helpful.A 16 year old addict would be tragic, and from what I hear, most people are very unsatisfied with the pain pills which leave people still fighting pain anyway, so barbaric as it may be, my daughter will fight one demon, pain….which has many other options than to treat with a narcotic.

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