Chronic pain for almost 2yrs and still struggling through life……

Well here is my personal story. Im 36 and a single mother. I was in a car accident back in august 2008. Ever since then it has been down hill. Well after the accident i seen my family doctor n she said i just had soft body tissue bruising or something like that. She prescribed me some vicodin.

Well that was the start to a VERY long and painful road. Well i then came accross some chiropractors at a clinic. They were very good doctors. Finally after a few months of things getting worse they decided to send me for some mris on my neck and back. First i went for the back. Nothing really major was found there except for some arthritis. Well four months later i found out through them on a visit that i have three buldging discs in my neck.

Now i hadnt had any of these problems before the car accident. Then the doctors there sent me to a pain doctor. He saw me then told me that i also have degenrative disc disease in my whole cervical spine along with the three buldging discs. He also prescribed me vicodin.

After a lil while he decided to try an eipideural injection. First one was a cortisone injection into my neck. well that one seemed to not do a lick of good for me. The pain only got worse from that night on. Well after that i had seventy of my vicodin stolen from my purse!

It was a family memeber who was on the same medicine as me n he is an addict n abuses his medication n sells it! I at the time didnt think he would of done that to me so i saw no harm in keeping my medicine in my purse.

Well i called my doctor n told him about it. He told me i would have to file a police report n bring him a copy of it n he would then give me some more medication. Well i then did that. Nothing ever came of it.

The doctor then did a 2nd injection after a lil while since i wasnt getitng any better. This time he did a nerve block in my neck. This also did not work. He then prescribed me percoset. He also tried a percoset neurotin combination to see if that helped. It did for a little while…..well when i called him n told him that this wasnt working he uped my dosage of the percoset. He told me to take two at a time.

Well i did that n it was working. Well when i called to get a refill because by him just verbally uping the dosage i ran out of my medication sooner he said he was gonna send me to a surgeon.

I asked him why he would do that just because i needed a refill? then he told me he misunderstood me n just told me to come in and get my script. Well when the pain worsened after a while and i called the doctor he wouldnt refill my script for my pain meds. I went a whole month trying to care for my animals, myself and my 1 1/2 yr old daughter while in severe pain w/out any pain medication. I tried to self medicate with alcohol but im NOT a drinker n it didnt help.

Finally i went to my apt with this pain doctor again n balled my eyes out n basically asked why is it ok that i should haver to suffer in pain because some man hit me n im having problems with my spine? finally he asked me what he should do for me and i told him to give me the percoset back so i wouldnt suffer as much as i was. So he did.

Anytime after that if i mentioned the medication he acted funny n ignored what i said or told me “well thats not gonna happen” so i gave up. Well i just continued to get my medication n suffer with what i had been given.

Well recently i read online about a spinal cord stimulator n wondered if that was the solution? i sent away for the information on it n recieved a package fed exed to me. In it was a dvd and a phamplet and a list of doctors who did the procedure n implant. Well it was the begining of december n i noticed that when i went to take a pain pill that my bottle looked a bit lower then it should.

Well come to find out right before xmas my family member had stolen some of my pain pills again! So then i got a safe n started locking them up. Well when i called my pain doctor about the spinal cord implant n medication to tell him that the pills werent lasting as long as they used to n to see if he does the spinal cord stimulator he decided to drop me as a patient!

Well now i am suffering n i am gonna be out of my medication this coming monday! i saw a new pain doc but he woudnt prescribe me anything n wants to do an injection into my neck again but into the side of it this time. He told me to have my family doc prescribe my meds til he gets my records in a few weeks.

Well my family doctor did it twice but wont fill them again because she said she wants me to get them from him instead!

Im sooooooooo friggin sick of takening pills for this that i cant see straight. Im trying to go through every other possiably instead of surgery.

My old pain doctor everytime i saw him said i have a surgical problem n there was nothing more he could do for me.

My family member who ABUSES his drugs n has stolen mine gets everything under the sun with supposed back problems.

I DONT understand how people who r clear junkies get everything under the sun but people like me who need some sort of relief n help it seems the doctors dont want to help them? is it maybe because i have lawyers involved???

if anyone has any idea on what i should do please do so either here or at my email… [email protected] or if u know of any good doctors who specialize in neck pain or chronic pain please let me know if u live in michigan southeast michigan somewhere…

i have nobody who understands what im going through or to talk to about this…

tyvm for listening everyone n i wish u all at least one pain free day 🙂

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  1. I was in an accident (broke 5 transverse process’ in my spine and 2 ribs. With a 13% curve in my spine and arthritis) when I was 16, I’m 18 now and have suffered from severe chronic pain for the entire to years since the accident.
    I have the same issue that you do. No doctor will take me seriously (I assume its because of my age?) And all they want to do is tell me to take advil or tylenol. That pisses me off to no end.
    I’ve tried physical therapy, holistic therapy, multiple chiropractors, a TENS unit, going vegitarian (actually helped for a month!), pain management, accupuncture, and the list goes on.
    I, Like you, cannot comprehend the logic in some of these doctors. A friend of mine has a grandmother that gets percoset for her freaking headaches! I see all of these people with minor pains that get so much help and drugs for their “pain” and yet even with my record of trying my ass off to get relief, with and without the use of drugs, I am still looked at, and treated like a drug addict.
    In reality, I am sort of a hippy and would love to never have to take another pill again. But I cannot move, breathe, or even eat without pain. Even sitting here I am almost to the point of tears.
    I’ve been to the ER more times than I would like to admit and I am so afraid of them tagging me as an addict or “drug seeking” and I will never get any relief.
    I would never wish this pain on anyone.I don’t know what to do or who to turn to.
    I guess this is to let you know that you’re not alone even though that doesn’t do a damn thing for your pain…

  2. Just read ur coment dori,ur not alone.i have a medical condition called lphs (my story is on this,1Θyears living with lphs) which envolves cronic in hosp nearly ever 2 weeks with it and even after 10 years i can still get treated as a drug advice to u is research cronic pain,all the different meds and treatments that are out there,discuss ur options with ur gp and fight for the treatment u want!aslong as u research and can back up what u want and why, they will take u seriously.if u need a hand with anything let me know,id be happy to help as ive been there,done that and had the tshirt.there best treating u now before things get worse.stay strong and keep fighting chick,dont give up x

  3. hi there it does help me to know that i am not alone dori and i appreciate both comments i really do…i now have my friggin neurologist thinking im a junkie! i have been seeing him for almost two years and i recently took myself off all the pain meds to start over with all my doctors….well he made me sign a contract which is fine no biggie but he only did this because around christmas time the vicodin wasnt lasting long enough and i called the oncall line thinking i would get to talk to him but got another doc. I asked him if it would be ok to take three a day instead of two until i got to see my doc and he said yes….well sure as crap my apt with that doc the contract came out! I was offended by this….This doc had me on oxicottin 30mg cr twice a day ??? i mean ok u had me on that high of a drug for a long time then u decide now after one phone call u want me to sign a contract? ugggggggghh…..i need this doctor though for my lawsuit…anyways ty both for your comments i hope things get better for us all 🙂

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