Prialt for severe chronic pain

After numerous surgeries, including 4 cervical spine surgeries, it got to the point that the only way to reduce the pain level was to take large doses of narcoticts. Not long ago I was taking 96 mg of Dilaudid and 100 mg of Methadone daily plus about 8 others Rx’s. Got a morphine pump and soon added prialt. It took months to get off the oral narctoics and my brain is still not producing certains chemicals which cause many different problems. Got the Prialt level too high and had lots of side effects. REduced the prial to about 3.8 and mixed it with dilaudid. This has been working well the last few months for the chronic pain in my neck, shoulder, and arm. The pain in my right hip (from piriforis surgery in 96) has been slowly increasing since starting the prialt.

I can say that prialt is the only rx I ever took that relieved severe pain in my cervical spine. I went from an average of 6-9 down to 3-5. Has been a GOD send. Do have side effects but the benefits far out weigh them.

On a side note I take Toradol for kidney stones. the shots work the best andit much more effective than narcotics.

I would love to hear from others that are taking Prialt or that are thinking about it. Feel free to send an eamil. due to my situation I usually check my email about once per week or two. so if you want a reply remember it may be a few weeks.

Also would like to find updated information about prialt, side effects, studies. etc.
I look forward reading my replies. GOD speed and never ever give up.


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  1. Hi. So glad ur trial went so well! Did u get the pump after all? Ivehad rsd/crps for 7 yrs. My prialt trial left me super dizzy, passing out easily, blurred vision, headaches, for the ppast 6 weeks. Basically incapacitated from continued side effects.. However, I am still enjoying decent pain relief… Id lov 2 invite U to my facebook support group “Living with RSD”.

  2. I go to a pain management specialist. My M.D. wants me to consider Prialt. I have RA; Crohns; Fibromyalgia; cervical spine issues and have had numerous surgeries! I really know nothing about Prialt and am afraid of letting anyone, even though this physician is very well known, stick anything in my spine. Could you tell me how your body first reacted to Prialt. Dizzy; sleepy; or nauseated? Do the side effects get better? Does the procedure hurt? Any information would be appreciated! Thank you!

  3. In pain 24-7/ Working every day-I am 59 & do not know how much longer I can do this-Dr. called today & wants to give me a shot on Dec.10th – Dr wants to try a shot of Prialt- can anybody give me information about when you got your shot and what might I expect-Thanks very worried

  4. Hi I just got a prialt pain pump put in went every two weeks to turn it up but still don’t know if it will help. They say it could take awhile for it to work for some people. It depends on what amound you need. Some people need alot and some people need alittle. I don’t know it probably is working tho I feel all tingly all over plus I hear loud ringing in my right rear. I hate it so I don’t know if that will ever get better or what to do about that. I go in next tues to see my painpump doctor. Does anyone have nice stories or bad stories or problems or effects you have or questions I should ask plz respond or email me back. It’s [email protected] thanks and hope to hear from you,thanks.

    1. I got a Medtronic pain pump implanted on 11/10/16, my PM doc started me on a VERY low dose 1.25/day and has been titration me (only raising my dose about .5-.75 every 2 weeks) so I am currently only at 2.4/day. My doc said I probably won’t feel any effects until I get up to 4.5-6/day…and my final dose could be quite high if I can tolerate with no side effects.

      I have constant low back and very severe nerve pain from my waist down to my feet…and spend at least 22 hrs a day adjusting my recline in an adjustable bed!! I am unable to sit “upright”, stand for even a few minutes, walk any distance over 50′ without pain rushing back (and staying) no matter how much pain medication or what kind of pain medication I take.

      My PM doc has reduced my medication intake down 67% to 1/3 of what I was taking BEFORE my trial with Prialt…the 1/3 dose am currently taking does NOTHING to relieve my pain for more than 1hr (ONLY if I stay in bed)…..needless to say the reduction in meds has been “torture” but I wanted to give the pump trial and implant my ALL.

      The trial injection of Prialt was the ONLY treatment that gave me 75% pain relief (for 90 minutes) and I sat upright and walked around with no additional pan.

      I was wondering how your pump is doing for you (now) and if you were able to keep taking the Prialt.

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