Brothers sue local physician, claiming drug addiction.

Two men suing physician Dr. Robert Harned, claiming he over-prescribed painkillers, causing them to become addicted. Each suit seeks $1.5 million for the plaintiffsí pain and suffering. Also named in the suit are Chatham Medical Associates, where Harned practiced, and Stop & Shop Pharmacy, which filled some of the prescriptions.


One thought on “Brothers sue local physician, claiming drug addiction.”

  1. its people like this that make people with real health issues unable to get the medication for pain relief.If the Dr gave you to much medication and you knew that it was to much and taking to much will cause addiction, why did you take the scripts and fill them and then take them.
    You people should learn to use your head, and just say NO.
    I have many pain issues and because of you I can not get the proper medication cause the government is saving legitimate patients from receiving proper care. You should be ashamed that your the problem not the dr. The doctor prescribed you medication based on what you told them.
    When I get my medication I take it when needed, if I can take x amount and dont need it on the given day I dont take it, there fore no addiction.
    So dont blame someone else for your stupidity.

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