I am currently on Prialt. I started the program for about 6 weeks. I am getting very discouraged because of the side effects. I was at the Dr. office today, they reduced the meds going into my pump. I dont want to stop the program, but the side effects are as follows: depressed, walking way off balance, my body feel terrible, the pain hasnt reduce at all, miserable to my family. hearing sound in my head. I spoke to the office and say they would decrease it for about 5 days, to see if the side effect go away. My question – has anyone been on prialt and does the side effects go away and the most importance question DOES PAIN NO AWAY. I have been in severe chronic pain for 8 years. I do have a SCS (spinal core stimulator) also. I have been several types of mediciation. Any one out there can put any lighting on this.

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  1. I have never been on priat. I actually came to this site searching the web for information about it after seeing it featured in a psychology magazine. Evidently priat is supposed to be an addiction-free drug 1000x more powerful than morphine, derived from cone snail toxin.

    Scientific American Mind: January/February 2013.

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