MD – Pain clinics in Maryland

AGS Foundation For Health in Aging

Non-profit organization established by
the American Geriatrics Society to build a bridge between the
research and practice of Geriatrics and the Public, and to
advocate on behalf of older adults and their special health
care needs.

American Alliance of Cancer Pain Initiatives

National organization dedicated to promoting cancer
pain relief nationwide by supporting the efforts of state and
regional pain initiatives.

American Cancer Society

Nationwide, community-based voluntary health
organization that is committed to fighting cancer through
research, education, patient service, advocacy, and
rehabilitation. It provides health information and support for
patients, families, friends and professionals.

American Chronic Pain Association

Organization offers support and information for people
with chronic pain, with over 400 chapters and support groups
throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia and Europe.

American Pain Foundation

Independent nonprofit organization serving people
with pain through information, advocacy and support. Its
mission is to improve the quality of life for people with pain
by raising public awareness, providing practical information,
promoting research, and advocating to remove barriers and
increase access to effective pain management.

American Society For Pain Management Nursing

An organization of professional nurses dedicated to
promoting and providing optimal care of individuals with pain
through education, standards, advocacy and research.

Beth Israel Medical Center Dept. of Pain Medicine & Palliative Care

Resource and information center with support
and information for patients, caregivers and professionals.

JCAHO Standards For Pain Management Revisions 2001

Develops professionally based standards and evaluates
and accredits general and rehabilitation hospitals, long term
care and assisted living facilities, clinics, home care
agencies and other health care organizations and programs in
the United States.

Johns Hopkins Chronic Pain Treatment Program

Comprehensive, multidisciplinary pain center for
the reduction of intractable chronic pain and its accompanying
emotional and medical complications.

Maryland Cancer Plan

A new comprehensive cancer control planning
initiative to update the Maryland State Cancer Plan. It is
housed under the office of the Maryland State Council on
Cancer Control and includes subcommittees on pain management
and end of life issues.

Maryland General Assembly

Provides information about the Maryland State
Legislature, including names and contact information of
Maryland Senators and Delegates, who sponsored a bill, what
the bill is about and what actions were taken.

Maryland Health Care For All!

Grassroots coalition working to ensure that all
Marylanders have access to quality and affordable health care.

Maryland Quality Care End-of-Life Council

Created in December 2002, the
Council advises the Office of the Attorney General, the
Department of Aging, and the Department of Health and Mental
Hygiene. It also advises the General Assembly on changes in
laws related to the provision of care at the end of life.

Maryland State Advisory Council on Pain Management

Established in November 2002 to provide advice and
recommendations regarding issues of acute and chronic pain
management by Maryland health care providers, as well as the
pain management needs of adults and children.

Medbank of Maryland

Non-profit organization whose mission is to provide
access to prescription medications for chronically ill,
low-income, underinsured/uninsured Maryland residents. MEDBANK
assists healthcare providers and patients in completing the
paperwork required to enroll patients in Pharmaceutical
Company Patient Assistance Programs.

National Initiative for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Independent multi-component education program
offering online CME course, case studies, slides and other
resources for healthcare professionals.

Pain and Addiction Medicine Information Site (ASAM)

Information and resources on addiction
medicine and pain management from the American Society of
Addiction Medicine.

Pain Connection

Non-profit human service agency in
Maryland that provides monthly pain support groups, information,
referrals and community education.

Pain Law Initiative

Mary Baluss, an attorney from
Washington, DC, is the Director of the Pain Law Initiative and
specializes in pain management cases, hospice care and end of
life care issues. She has developed and litigated legal
concepts intended to improve access to pain relief. She
advocates for both patients and the physicians who prescribe
opioids for chronic pain. She is also the General Counsel for
The National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain Ms. Baluss can be contacted
at the following address, phone numbers and/or email:

Mary Baluss, Esq.
Pain Law Initiative

2850 Arizona Terrace NW
Washington, DC 20016
202/244-0710 (phone)
202/361-2775 (cell-preferred number)
202/318-3027 (fax)
[email protected]

Sickle Cell Information Center

Sponsored by the Georgia Comprehensive
Sickle Cell Center at Grady Health System, the site o patient
and professional education, news, research updates and
worldwide sickle cell resources.

Stronger Bones

Resource devoted to promoting bone
health and preventing osteoporosis, provided by the Maryland
Department of Health & Mental Hygieneís Office of Chronic
Disease Prevention.

University of Maryland Medicine Pain Center

Comprehensive, multidisciplinary pain center for
the assessment and treatment of chronic pain syndromes.

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