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18 thoughts on “Disclaimer”

  1. Completely understand as this site is precious to us who have to deal with excruciating pain every day and then over the 10 mark more often than I would like. We mention as I have noted on site what medications we take, although I do not know weather I mentioned the name or just stated the word medication.

    I do not think that my mentioning the fact that I take certain supplements at particular junctures should be a problem. When it becomes one is when one states oneself as an expert. I’m not an expert and glad to hear that you are not for if that were so then Wow! Where’s the cure? Huh?



      1. Please tele the purpose of this site and if you, the one who began it, has a life with chronic pain. I am looking into stories of genuine pain and if anything in a life is gained from the experience. I do have disabling pain and have had it daily since the 80’s. I am looking for others who daily have this burden and how they deal with it, what they do, what helps them, etc.
        L Hogan

  2. Looking forward to receive your mail. \i am fade up and bored of giving up the things that I love the most in my life because of pain!

  3. i have madetoday my second epidural injection in one week my doctor said no operation still feel pain i had to fetch thru google what is next i am very interested in your site. i have significant osteodegenerative changes of l4-l5 multiple T1,T2 herniation l4-l5 thanks

  4. I had an epidural steroid injection about a year ago. The first one was a breeze but my legs would suddenly go numb. She did a second injection which caused so much pain my blood pressure skyrocketted. I am now seeing a new pain management specialist after going through a list of those that don’t take insurance, or lost my records, etc… This one did an RFA on the left lumbar facet joint which may have helped a little and a ESI on the lumbar disc, but I have spinal stenosis, torn disc, degenerative disc disease, multiple herniated discs, and as one surgeon told me, I have the spine of a 90 year old but I’m 40. I have always been very active, but now I’m stuck in bed barely functioning. I am on the Fentenol patch, vicodin, neurontin and valium as a muscle relaxer. I still hurt after this last ESI, but not in the area that he was aiming for. The ESI was done on Tues. and I am still bedridden on Sat. What happens next?

  5. Hello,How are you all ? I am happy to have found this site.Alot of great info.My heart goes out to you all as I know your pain all to well.I will again soon.My PC doesn’t work well….it has a mind of it’s own like many Dr’s..lol….I will let u know all my symptoms and my real fun time with side effects from L5 S1 injections this past Sept 7 and 14th.Been reading so much now pain has radiated up my thorasic…must lay down and it’s 2 a.m…typical :)……There is one post that hit home…..”Short term memory loss of a knat”…..I thought my mind was fried.Sorry this happened to ?? I will find you,to chat…and my controlled BP…thru the roof….wake up with a pulse rate of 129 !!!! I was sleeping not jogging.lol…..Have a good night all and look forward to talking with you.My best to you all <3

  6. Hi, Dont know if I’m in the right spot, but I need to ‘vent’ to people who will understand. I have suffered chronic low back and sciatic pain since 1986. Last week the pain reached a level that I could not cope with. I was due for a script for my meds so I saw my GP (seeing him for 18 months as we moved). I asked him if there was ANYTHING else I could take as pain was unbearable. He smirked, and said very sarcastically, ‘Well, nothing new has been invented in the past month’. If I had the energy, I would have slapped his face!!! The next day I saw Pain Specialist, explained the situation and GP’s attitude, and he prescribed MS Contin with Endone for breakthrough pain. After 25years I know what I can cope with and what I cant. The last thing I need is a smug attitude from a doctor!!
    Now that I have had my whinge, I hope you all have a low pain day

    1. I second the comment “thank you…” as it is extremely difficult for others without chronic illnesses to begin to comprehend the magnitude of how chronic pain, dystonia and other debilitating illnesses/diseases impact us daily/hourly/every moment of our lives. I have been suffering endlessly for years with many chronic illnesses and movement disorders (even with management and treatments) due to severe traumatic events which have severely impacted my young life. I have educated, continuously educate my family, loved ones and healthcare professionals on every level possible as symptoms have arised and highly advocate the necessity of education. It’s quite comforting to be reminded that although I am a warrior and survivor, I am ultimately a human being who requires support.

  7. Tried to post my story. Pain Is My Best Friend.
    But it didn’t tell me it posted or anything just brought me back to the same page except empty.. Wondering if it posted..

    1. Thank you, that is annoying I wish it could be fixed somehow. I do see the submitted post, I need to manually approve it, will do it now.

  8. I agree with many people here about chronic pain and what it is like to have everything you love taken away because of horrid pain. There are so many facets to pain. I’m no different then most, I buy the latest. And greatest products in hopes it will at least calm down the pain, but there is no resolve. I too have prayed to God for relief. I have faith in God, but he hasn’t stopped my pain yet. I am in no way suicidal, but I can see why some people commit suicide from being in chronic pain.
    For all of us that suffer awful chronic pain, may our tomorrow’s somehow be brighter with less pain as those that surround us gain a deeper understanding of the all encompassing of bad chronic pain.

    God Bless,
    Lisa from Central CA.

  9. I am looking for any advice on doctors that may take me serious and help me without having insurance and low income…I live in Myrtle Beach SC and I am sure I have LPHS..I have been dealing with chronic pain my entire life and chronic kidney stones and septic infections for the last 10 years… I have had kidney surgery and a stint plus countless lithotripsies… My husband is a disabled combat veteran and I am his caregiver… At this point we are desperate to find help managing my pain and getting help so I can continue to take care of my husband and children.. I’m 29 and I honestly just can’t handle the constant pain and disability anymore so I am begging for help

    1. Hello there Brandy. I too live in the MB area. I used to see a wonderful pain doctor by the name of Stephen Boatwright who currently has his own office off if Hwy 17 Bypass in Surfside. I hope that this info will greatly help u. Dr. Boatwright himself has had cervical surgery, so he knows first hand what severe chronic pain can be like. Good luck and may you and yrs have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  10. Holy Moses! This letter is eerily similar to one that I wrote back in 1996 when I had a near death accident. Over 25 years later, my body is steadily deteriorating to the point of driving me into manic fits. It sickens me that doctors are using the FDA as a valid excuse to not keep prescribing medications to folks with chronic pain when it was created exactly for that reason. Population control? A form of socialism? Hmm? So sad to realize that in this world it all comes down to how much money one has and who can capitilze on others agony. The FDA allows harmful additives and preservatives in our mass food supply for a reason. Does anyone else find it ironic that being plagued with health conditions is a trillion dollar industry in our “first world” country? Yet Big Pharma makes it incredibly difficult for the average individual just to live their life with less pain. For what it’s worth, may I suggest to all of us suffering with pain a daily organic apple cider vinegar cleanse (I like to add honey). It may help to alleviate many conditions, as well as allowing pain meds to perform better. Good luck to all. We have to live this life the best way possible. Although, I find it to be no wonder that the late great Dr. Jack Kevorkian was so loved, respected and successful.

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