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List of Pain Clinics

List of Treatments

Links to other websites

/r/chronicpain subreddit

/r/backpain subreddit

/r/SuicideWatcha place of support.
If you need help for yourself, we’ve got hotline numbers and FAQs, and selected online resources.
If you’re concerned about someone else, you’re welcome to post, also check out our talking tips and risk assessment guide.
If you’ve lost someone to suicide, you’re welcome to post here, or see our bereavement resources.

Kathleen Sawisky Blog
Living with ‘Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome’

Legal Representation

California, New York
David Feldman – (310) 578-7171

Tegan Blackburn – (860) 651-9500

Rhode Island, Massachusetts
DeLuca & Weizenbaum – (401) 354-7233

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  1. Hi, we are producing an information leaflet about epidurals for pregnant women and their partners to read. We would really like to use the image you have on the Epidural Steroid Injection page. Would it be possible for someone to contact me and send a high resolution image that we could use please? We would of course credit the image to your organisation. Many thanks, Emma Green

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